Thursday, April 2, 2009

Up To The Challenge

Hey everyone!! This week has been going great so far. The nurses and doctors started letting me eat more from the bottle and today they said that I could eat as much as I wanted from the bottle. So, guess what I have been doing. Thats right, I have been piggin out and eating like 50 mLs from the bottle every feed. Of course, Daddy has to stop about half way through so I can let out a couple of burps to make room for the rest but I am doing fantastic on the bottle. They have me on a mixture of donor milk and formula. It tastes pretty good and is gonna really help me put on the weight.

I can tell you one thing I don't like....prune juice!!! Yuck!! That stuff doesn't taste anything like formula or milk and it makes me go like crazy. I don't like that stuff at all. Daddy says going like crazy beats not going and that before too long we will get it down to a good balance so that I stay "regular" without being too "regular". Everything in moderation, I guess.

When Daddy was leaving for work today, the nurse asked him if I have taken the "Carseat Challenge" and he told them that I have not. What is the carseat challenge, you ask? This is something that the hospital does for all of the children who are getting ready to go home. They place the baby in the carseat, make sure it is sized correctly, and for about thirty minutes they watch them to see how they do. Daddy brought in my carseat tonight and tomorrow I am going to take the challenge. Wish me luck!! Daddy says he thinks I will do just fine and that he wouldn't be suprised to have me home in the next week or so. That would be totally sweet!!

So, since I am doing so well and they are letting me eat as much as I want from the bottle, I decided it would be a good idea to yank out my nose tube when the nurse wasn't watching. It is soo much easier to breath without that thing. I am down to one tube, the PICC, and then the sensors. The PICC should be coming out in the next day or so and hopefully that is the last of the IVs (especially the kind that go in your head).

Other than that, there isn't too much to report. I get to spend tons of time with my mimis and daddy comes by all the time. I am such a lucky girl. I'll blog with you all very soon.

Love You,



  1. Great news Lily! you look more and more beautiful with each day and I love your little smile..

    Keep eating and you will be a little chunk in to time at all!!

    I know you will ace your car seat challenge today, do what you do best and that is just sleep.

    Prayers continue for you and all of your friends. Lots of hugs and love too.. we are looking forward to meeting you Lily.

    The Kellers

  2. Lily! You have chubby cheeks now! So beautiful!