Sunday, April 19, 2009

Power Shakes

Hey everybody!! I am sorry I haven’t posted since Wednesday. The weekends get kinda busy around here and before I know it it’s Sunday night and I haven’t blogged a single letter. I trust that you had a good weekend. Mine was really good!

I guess you could say the weekend started for me on Thursday. Since Daddy wasn’t going to the gym in the morning, he stayed a little later than usual and read me two new books. One was "It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny" and "The Little Engine that Could". These were some really good stories. The first was about P.J. Funnybunny. It seems that P.J. isn’t happy being a bunny and tries to be all kinds of animals to see if he likes it better. He tries to be a moose, a possum, a pig, and a skunk. He didn’t try being a skunk very long at all. Daddy says P.J. was just having a little bit of an “identity crisis” but that he finally figures out that there isn’t anything wrong with being a bunny. In fact, the story ends with him going back home very happy that he is a bunny because he realizes that he was created to do the things bunnies do. Besides, like Daddy says, "the grass isn't greener on the other side. The grass is greenest where it is watered". Then the story about the little engine was really good too because it’s all about not letting your lack of size determine what you can and can't do. Daddy told me that the moral to the story is that I can do anything that I set my mind to and for which I am willing to work. Kinda like Tough Chicks, even though I am small and was born premature, I can do all the things that a regular term baby does and even more. Small and mighty, that's me!! I really like these kind of stories.

Daddy came and hung out with me Friday night and we had some visitors stop by. One of Daddy’s friends was in from out of town and hadn’t had the chance to meet me so they came by the hospital and we got to know eachother. I was wide awake and a little leery when Daddy placed me in the arms of a stranger. Especially when daddy had to give the “how to hold a baby” speech. Luckily, all Daddy’s buddy needed was a little guidance and I nestled right in. Daddy tells me that he and mommy have such an amazing network of friends and that he hopes that some day I have friends like this. I am sure I will.

Saturday was a beautiful day I am told. It’s hard to say from my crib but everyone here was saying how great it was outside. Daddy came over in the morning and then left around noon to go on a long bike ride. But he didn’t get out of here before I had the chance to spit up on him. Let me tell you, I got him good. I had just eaten like 100mLs and thought I’d give a little back. Don’t worry, I usually don’t spit up and usually only do it when I am trying to get rid of my food from the “other” end. Daddy came back after his ride and hung out for another few hours. We just snuggled, chatted and I napped a bit. Yea, it was pretty sweet.

To top off the weekend, Daddy came after church today and we spent much of the day together. I am eatting much larger volumes and they have even started fortifying the boob juice with protein so that I get the calories I need. Daddy calls it my protein shake. Like the ones he drinks when he gets done doing his training stuff (less the "jice" of course). He says that protein shakes can help to make you grow big and strong which sounds good to me, so keep 'em comin!! I am taking in 100mLs per feed and it blows Daddy's mind that I even have room in my belly for soo much milk. But, I am getting pretty good at making room for the new stuff as I eat, if you know what I mean. Daddy says it's a good thing he changes my diaper after I eat because I may lose my appetite if he did it before. Whatever!! Anyway, this protein stuff really does seem to be working great. I weighed in tonight at 6lbs 11oz and am 19.5inches long. It won't be too long before I crack the 7lbs mark.
Since my tummy is doing pretty good, the docs are going to schedule my hernia repair for sometime this week (we won't know when until Monday or Tuesday) and then I will be able to go home a couple of days after that if all goes well. I don't look forward to the surgery but Daddy and I both want to get it taken care of so that we have one less thing to worry about when I come home for good. Please keep the prayers and good vibes comin' cuz we definately feel them here in the RCNIC. You guys are rockstars in my book. See you soon. I am off to bed....
Love, Lily


  1. Lily,

    We will be praying for a successful procedure and a quick recovery. You are the strongest, bravest little engine we know!

    With much love,
    Sandy, Jessica, Clyde and Austin

  2. Oh Lily! you are growing like a weed! I am so glad all your tests have come back negative.. prayers for the docs doing your hernia procedure and for you and Daddy too.

    You are getting more beautiful with each passing day and I guess we just can't call your "little one" much longer! I got to see your daddy on Easter Sunday, he bicycled by our house and stopped! You have an amazing daddy, what a lucky girl you are.. and your family and all of your mom and dad's friends are terrific.

    The rest of the family on your Floriday pappa's side are sooo looking forward to meeting you.

    Keep growing and doing well and before you know it, you will be home for GOOD!!

    Many {{{{{hugs}}}}} and prayers lovely Lily.

    Love from The Kellers

  3. Hi Lily,

    It was nice to meet you Friday night. I hope your surgery goes well this week.


    Drew (otherwise known as the guy that needed the "how to hold a baby" speech).