Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Get It Done

Hello everybody!! Guess what! I cracked the 7 pound mark yesterday. These protein shakes have done a totally fantastic job. Not to mention, they are quite tastey. I have been eating soo much that I practically tapped out all the "juice" that they had for me here and the nutritionists had to quickly order some reinforcements and get a little creative with my feeds to stretch the little milk I had left. They used a special formula to help buy us some time and my shipment of the good stuff came today. Let me just tell you, Daddy was not a happy camper when he found out that I was running so low. But he is doing much better now that my feeding is being taken care of.

So my "poop" analysis came back from the lab yesterday and the doctors say that it looks like I have a malabsorption issue. How would you like that job? "Hi, what do you do for a living?" Oh, I inspect poop". No thanks, sounds like a stinky job to me. Daddy says it probably pays pretty well. I dunno. Anyway, my tummy basically has a hard time processing certain types of sugars and sometimes they do that "fermentation" business and causes the gassiness. The only way to be real sure that it is what they think is to do an endoscopy but my GI doctor says I am too small to do that procedure now and that it can wait. My tummy seems to like the milk that I am on and luckily the insurance company will be picking up the tab for my food. That was a real worry for Daddy because as I said before, that stuff is pricey. We're not sure if it was my doctor's smooth talking or daddy's call this morning and talk of litigation if they didn't pay. You see, they originally said that they wouldn't pay. Either way, we are super-duper happy and very thankful that we can stay on the donor milk and don't have to float the bill.
My surgery is scheduled for Thursday morning. I am a little nervous but my surgeon's are superstars and Daddy says that they are the best around. They are going to make two super tiny cuts and go in and fix everything and then they are sending me back to my bed in the RCNIC. The whole thing when it is all said and done will take about an hour or so. And since I am so tiny, the surgeons say that my pain won't be soo bad and that I probably will only need a little tylenol. So, I am really thankful for that.

So, please pray for a quick and easy procedure and a fast recovery. I know that you will.

Other than that, I keep on getting stronger. Daddy says he is so impressed with how strong I am and how I can lay on my tummy and move my head where ever I want it to go. He said I will be able to do a push up in no time. I sleep great and I eat like a champ. Daddy has even read me a few new books that my Aunt Jocelyn and Cousin Paige got for me. I really like the Itsy Bitsy Spider because Daddy sings it to me. I am glad that silly spider finally figured out to crawl up the outside of the water spout instead of up the inside. He kept getting flushed out.

Well, I am gonna get a bath and head to bed. I am getting to like this bathing stuff and I smell good afterwards too.
They aren't allowed to feed me after midnight because of my procedure. This should be a fun night for my nurse. Daddy says it's a small price to pay to get my hernia fixed and not have to worry about it anymore. OK, off to bed. Sweet dreams.

Love, Lily


  1. Lily, thanks for the update, you pretty little trooper! I will be praying for you all day tomorrow (Thursday). Great job to your Daddy for battling the insurance company and winning. And great job to you for reaching 7 pounds!!

  2. Lily and Sean...I am proud of both of your strength and perserverance to get bigger and better and your diligence to be a great father and protector to your beautiful daughter. neither are easy jobs and you both are gold medalists. I will pray for both of will be great to have Lily healed ...she WILL do well with the surgery and recovery. My love to both of you....Aunt MJR in Florida