Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Results are In and the Verdict Is.....

Hello friends!! Do you like my new wubbadub? His name is Ducky and I suck on the pacifier that is sowed to his mouth when I am fussy and he helps calm me down. I don't want you gettin the wrong idea, it isn't very often that I get fussy, just when I am hungry, but Ducky helps me to relax when I start to get a little kranky. Daddy loves how I hold on to Ducky when I am using the pacifier and he doubly loves it when Ducky helps me to stop crying. He says that everyone could use a wubbadub every once in a while. Apparently, I can really belt out a good cry when I am upset and daddy says that I must have inherited Mommy's vocal ability. "How else could such a sound come from such a small girl?" He asks. I am told that Mommy was a small woman but always surprised people with her powerful singing voice. I bet I will be a great singer too. I can sing along with the CD that Mimi Cameron and the music guy here made. Yea, this joint has a music guy who goes around and makes CDs for us kids. Some with their parents or grandparents singing to them.
Daddy says that he thinks mommy is singing and dancing over me and how well I am taking our situation. Of course I am tired of all the nurses and doctors pushing on my tummy but I am getting much better at letting them do their thing without giving them the "what for". I am told that we just have to be patient and let the doctors do what they do so that they can find a fix. I think I can do that but one area in which Daddy says I need to practice patience is eating. You see, when I get hungry I want my food and I want it like five minutes ago. This weird thing happens where every three hours I will go from being perfectly content one minute to really upset the next. I am ready to eat. Mimi says I go "Zero-to-Sixty" in no time flat. Daddy just asks for a little warning so that he can get the bottle ready. I say, "Hey, I get hungry every 3-4 hours. I know it. You know it. So have my bottle ready for cryin out loud" On the plus side, Daddy won't need an alarm clock when we go home for good.
Oh yea, my biopsy results came back negative!! WOOHOOO!!! This is great news. I mean, we kinda knew that they wouldn't see anything crazy weird but it is nice to know for sure that I don't have that Hirschsprung Disease they were thinking of. Phew! So my feedings are going well even though the docs still don't know what is going on in my tummy. I certainly haven't lost my appetite and have been crushing the bottle. I pigged out on 3oz of formula today at one of my feeds. As for the formula, the surgeons have pulled in the GastroIntestinal (we call them GI for short) doctors to look at my case to see what they think since there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with my anatomy. They have suggested that we go back to the donor milk to see if I can tolerate that better. It seems that some babies have a hard time digesting some formulas because of the "high-fructose corn syrup" they use. Daddy says that this syrup stuff is a very complex sugar and that the doctors told him that sometimes the belly can't digest it and that it ferments in the belly; causing gas and distension. I don't know anything about fermentation, but it doesn't sound too cool. So, we shall see how this goes. Maybe I just need to stay on the "boob juice". Hey, I could call it milk, but one of my nurses called it boob juice tonight and I think that is a more fun term than milk. It's kinda boring to just say "milk"

Anyway, so that's where we are. I am still here at the RCNIC while the docs try to figure me out. I am still growing. I weigh around 6lbs 9oz and I am developing new skills almost every day. I hold my own wubbanub, I have a very strong neck, I told you of my incredible vocal stylings, I can lift my head and turn it where I want to, I make great eye contact, and I totally kick tush on feeding from the bottle. Oh, and let's not forget my man burps, I am pretty good at that too.

Well, beauty sleep awaits. I will keep you posted on any news. Keep on rockin'!!

Love You, Lily


  1. Good news, Lily! I've been checking on you all day, hoping to hear some happy news. You are a strong, sweet baby who is clearly surrounded by a lot of love. I'll keep praying for you!

  2. Hi Lily,

    I just heard about your story from a friend who knows your daddy. You are one special little lady and I was so happy to read your newest update. You are unbelievably adorable and i am praying for you and your health. Tell your daddy that the updates are absolutely precious and you will love reading them when you are older.

  3. Sweet Lily,
    Your Gribby and Mimi2 are sitting here smiling at your cute photos and wish we were there holding you...I know you will be home soon walking in the sunshine in your stroller and smiling at all the children in the neighborhood. We love you so much. Enjoy that boob juice and keep growing!

  4. Lily,

    You should be on American Idol if you can sing as well as your mom! Your mom sang everything instead of saying it. She was so funny!

    I hope you go home soon. I hope I get to see you and meet you in person soon. I love looking at your pictures but it's not the same.