Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hey everybody! Greetings from 6903 Maid Marian Ct!! That's right, I have finally made it home after spending the first 85 days of my life in the hospital. Man, is it nice and quiet here. There aren't any beeps or sirens going off and the only baby crying is me when I am ready to eat. I am really excited to be home and to get to start a new chapter in my life with daddy.

Daddy and both my Mimis came to Children's Hospital around 9am this morning so that once the doctors did their rounds on me, we could go home. It would figure that on the day that I get to come home the doctors would be running behind schedule. So, once they took care of all the other kids in my unit, they rounded on me and gave me the "green light" for Daddy to take me home. The nurses gave daddy a whole bunch of material and information for him to read. Then they tucked me into my carseat, which I wasn't so happy about at the time, but then I settled down once we started moving.

I loved the car ride!! Well, let me be more clear...I loved the car ride in the parking garage. I slept the entire way home holding on to both Mimis' fingers. Daddy is a great driver and wasn't even that scared with me as a passenger. We finally got home around 2pm and Daddy walked me through the front door. What a pretty house we have. I can feel mommy all around and I get to see her everywhere in pictures. It is great to be home!

The rest of the day went great with all the grandparents (less Florida Papau) stopping by to see me without any monitors . I get a ton of lovin from them and it's great not having such strict visitation rules. Of course, Daddy is keeping visitors to a minimum but it is just nice being able to have more than 2 people visit at one time. I have eaten three times so far at home and am ready for bed again. I need to go #2 because my belly is getting a little big and I don't want to cause Daddy too much concern. I am sure he is nervous enough as it is just having me home.

Well, that's about it. I have my first pediatrician appointment tomorrow morning. Daddy said that she is a very nice doctor. I can't wait to meet her. Stay tuned as I continue to blog from the comfort of my new home. It's great here. Hopefully I will get to meet Tucker soon. He's still staying at Mimi and Papau's until we get settled in. Talk to you soon. Thanks for everything!!

Love Always, Lily


  1. Lily and Sean, we are so happy that you are finally at, Daddy and soon ....Tucker will be with you. You can start this new chapter in your life in the home that your Mommy and Daddy put together for their family...there will be many sweet memories surrounding you along with the spirit and love of your mom and there will be so many new memories to create and she will be watching you all the time. Take care of each other and enjoy each moment.....xoxoxyour aunt MJR in Florida

  2. Welcome home Lily! I'm so glad you and your daddy are together at home. I know how loud hospitals can be and I know you will enjoy being home together. I've followed you since your blog was created. You are so lucky to have your own guardian angel! Praying that you and daddy adjust well to being home.

  3. Welcome home, Lily- what fantastic news!

  4. What a journey you have had, Lily. I'm am so happy to hear that you are finally home! YIPPEE!!!!!

  5. YEAH! We are so glad to see that you are finally home...Just in time for the Easter Bunny!!

  6. Awesome Lily! What great news to brighten my day! Keep growing strong pretty girl!!!

  7. Lily and Sean,

    We are so thrilled this day has finally arrived. It has been a long haul with many days of sorrow, confusion, heartache, joy, nervousness...and every other emotion possible. But you made it!

    What a wonderful Easter gift! One "tough chick" you are Lily!

    Love to you both!
    Sandy, Jessica, Clyde and Austin