Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gettin' Close

Hey Everybody!! I hope that your weekend was as fantastic as mine. Things are going so well that if I keep up the good work, we'll be bustin' out of here on Wednesday. You see, I am crushing all the food they give me (like 60 to 70mLs per feed), I am becoming more "regular" and I totally rocked out the Carseat Challenge on Saturday. I am not sure why they call it a "challenge". They just plopped my lil bottom in my carseat and sat me there for thirty minutes to see how I did. Peace of cake. I guess some babies have a hard time holding their heads up and that can be a little dangerous. Not to worry, I hold my head up just fine. The hospital actually has a "carseat technician" that comes around and makes sure that my straps fit just right so I am both safe and comfortable in the car. Pretty awesome. I am getting sooo excited to ride home with Daddy!!!

On Friday, Daddy came down after work to hang with me for a little bit. We snuggled in the recliner and he read me "Tough Chicks" again. I think we are both looking forward to getting home to where all my books are so that we can have a little variety. Don't get me wrong, I totally love "Tough Chicks" because I am one, but a girl can only hear the same story so many nights in a row. Besides, I don't think Daddy reads it anymore. He's got it memorized. The other book Daddy has been reading me is "The Parable of the Lily". Cool title, isn't it? Well, Daddy says that it is the perfect time to read the book because it is an Easter story about a farmer who sends a gift to his daughter (without her knowing the gift is from him) and the girl really doesn't know the value of the gift because it came in a crate full of dirt. She totally forgets to take care of the gift and one day she knocks over the crate and a bulb rolls out. She gets so mad that she tosses the bulb into the yard never to think of it again. Until....She wakes up on Easter morning and walks outside to see the most beautiful flower growing in her Daddy's flower garden. It was an Easter lily. Daddy showed me the pictures in the book and the lily really is the prettiest flower ever. He said that he always gave mommy lillies because mommy had a way of making life exciting, beautiful and fragrant. Just like a Lily. And that is where I get my name!! Anyway, back to the story. When the girl realizes that the gift was from her daddy, she realizes it must of hurt his feelings the way she didn't care for the gift and she asks him to forgive her. Then her daddy says that forgiveness is what Easter is all about. What a great book! Puts me to sleep everytime. But Daddy says he loves it for a different reason this week. He thinks it is really fitting if I come home this week because it is the week of Easter and that Easter isn't just about forgiveness, it''s about rebirth and when I come home, Daddy and I get to start a new chapter in our lives together. We are both really excited about where the road's gonna take us.
Weekends are awesome because I get to spend even more time with my grandparents. Poppy swung by and Mimi and Papau came by today(Sunday) and chilled with me for a but. Not to mention, Mimi Cameron snuggled with me for a long time too. Another plus to coming home is that Daddy won't get yelled at for having more than two grandparents visit at once. See, Children's only allows two people by my bed at one time. It makes it a little hard to visit but they have their rules and they are there to keep us kids safe. It's cool.

So, that's about it. I really hope that this time, the third time, is a charm and that I get to finally come home to daddy. I think I am ready from a health standpoint so please continue to pray for that. I know you will. I weighed in tonight at 6lbs 4oz. I am slowly puttin' on the weight but I am growing like crazy. I am now growing out of my preemie clothes and into newborns. Pretty cool because I get to start sportin some new gear. Look for some pics here in the near future. OK, gotta go get the beauty sleep. I love all of you.

Goodnight, Lily


  1. We will certainly be praying that you go home soon. And what a wonderful time to make a change...Easter! A time of new life, and new beginnings!

    Keep fighting, growing, and working your way to the door.

    Sandy, Jessica, Clyde and Austin

  2. Hey Lily!

    You are doing so great! I love love love your little belly in the purple outfit picture! Big bellys on babies are just wonderful. You look like such a happy little girl. Everyone is so proud of you!

    Enjoy your car ride home! Nolan's daddy said that the ride home from the hospital was the scariest drive he ever made (for more than one resaon). You will love being home with daddy and Tucker! I am looking forward to meeting you when you get all settled in and daddy and you are ready for visitors. Take care. We love you!

  3. Hey Sean and Lily, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Wednesday and the praying does continue, too! I'm very prayerful that the 3rd time is the charm. Lily has filled out so much since she left Good Sam. Have a very blessed Easter-may the lilies surround you with their frangrance and love and may God bless you on this most Holy Weeks with His love and precious gift of Lily at home! With love, Nurse Conni

  4. That's a wonderful story! I'm hoping you're on your way home Wednesday! You're a strong girl, just like your mommy:) Hugs.

  5. beautiful ms lily
    we wait with anticipation on your homecoming
    you and your daddy hav been and continue to be in our prayers
    see u soon

    love from the pangallos

  6. Lily,

    You are totally awesome!!! I bet you are so excited to check out your house tomorrow. I'm so happy for you and your daddy. I will see you really soon. YIPPIE!

    We continue to pray for you and your daddy - you will have lots of love and support from so many friends and family. Welcome home and enjoy this beautiful spring weather (hopefully it gets a little warmer for you). Lily, you have great timing with everything, coming home right before Easter. You are such a little miracle! Love you tons!

    Alison, Mike, and Gwyn