Thursday, April 9, 2009

Aaannddd We're Back

Hey everybody. I wish I could tell you that my first whole day at home was totally awesome, but I can't because I am back at the RCNIC at Children's. Daddy calls it Deja Vu because I am in the exact same pod and in the exact same bed as I was yesterday. Daddy says the bed was still warm from the last time I was in it and that if I ever want to visit my awesome nurse friends here, there are other ways to do it. It totally stinks being back because our house is really awesome.

So you are probably wondering, "WTH" (What the Heck!!). Well, let me tell you what happened. When they released me yesterday afternoon, I was perfectly OK. My belly was nice and soft to the touch and all my other tests looked great. So, they let me go. Later on in the evening my daddy and mimis noticed my belly was getting a little harder and that I was getting a little more touchy about them feeling my belly. Luckily, my first pediatrician appointment was this morning. Sidenote, my pediatrician is like the nicest lady ever. OK, back to my story. We get to the appointment and by this time my belly is really distended. Daddy told Dr. Fix that he has never seen my belly so large and they agreed that I should probably get some x-rays to see what was goin' on. You want to know the great part of my Dr's office? It's at the same place that Daddy works out and it also has a satelite campus for Children's Hospital. I am not too sure what the heck a satelite is but to get my x-ray, we just had to walk down the hall.

I am not the biggest fan of x-rays. I mean, who would like being stripped down to their underwear, placed on a cold dark x-ray table and then pinned down so you can't move while some poor technician takes your picture. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. Once the doctors got a chance to look at the X-rays they decided to try a suppository to see if that made my belly go down. Well, the suppository definately worked from a pooping perspective but my belly still wasn't going down. At this point, Dr. Fix and the docs at Children's agreed that the best place for me to be was back at the RCNIC. So, here we are. Back in the same pod and the same bed.

We got back to the RCNIC around 3:30 and the doctors here did all of their assessments. I am not a fan of that either. I wish they would stop taking off my clothes to push on me. But daddy says that they only do it because they care about me and want to send me home for good next time. One thing that they did find is that I have a inguinal hernia and they think I got it when I was bearing down super hard to poo. Apparently, this is a fairly common occurence but the thing that stinks is that for girls, it requires surgery to fix. Now, don't go gettin all panicky on me. The doctors told daddy that if they can push the hernia back in place (which they did) most of the time surgery can wait until I am older and it is done as an outpatient procedure. Daddy told me that outpatient is just a way of saying I come to the hospital and go home the same day.

So the plan now is to have another berium enema test tomorrow to see if there are any strictures that have developed that were not able to be seen on the last test. The docs seem to think it has to be something anatomical going on instead of a food intolerance. I am really not looking forward to this test because the last one was not fun at all. So, please say a prayer for me and one for daddy to stay strong. I think we are holding up well but we still get a little discouraged from time to time.

I will keep you posted as to my progress. I love you all.

Love, Lily


  1. Lily I am sorry to hear this news! You are in good hands little one, and I'm sure this stay will not be for too long. We are sending prayers your way babe!
    (PS: The book your dad is reading to you (Goodnight Moon) is my childrens favorite book, before long, you'll know all the words by heart!)

  2. Lily, I'm sorry that you're not at home, but it sounds like you are just where you need to be. Our little Becca had an inguinal hernia, too - actually 2 of them - and she had them fixed a few months after she was home for good. They decided to keep her overnight just because of her history, but we were home by lunch the next day, no problem. They even made the incision low so that she can someday wear a bikini, but her daddy says, "No way!" - I bet your daddy says the same thing! :) Hang in there! We'll keep praying for you and your daddy!

  3. AWW Lilly! Bless your heart.. I am sorry to hear you had to go back but you are in the best place to be for now. Before you know it, you will be able to go home and will be out strolling your neighborhood with Daddy and Tucker.

    Will keep praying for you and your Daddy..

    Love you little one, sending lots of hugs your way.

    The Kellers

  4. Oh, man. This bites! Sending positive vibes your way...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hoping you'll be back in the carseat soon!!!!!