Monday, March 30, 2009

Check Out My Bling

Hey everybody! How are you all doing? I am doing great here at the RCNIC at Childrens. The doctors are still pleased with how I am progressing. They seem to think it may be something called "dismotility" which is fancy doctor speak for "slow to poo". So, what do you do if a baby has dismotility? You give them prune juice and sometimes a suppository. It works like a charm but they would rather me go on my own. Frankly, I would rather go on my own too! We'll get there.

This was a great weekend for me. Daddy came and spent most of the afternoon on Friday with me and we hung out a whole bunch on Saturday. My Mimi Cameron is also in town so we get to hang out a whole bunch. This is especially nice during the week when Daddy has to work. I get to hang out with both my Mimis and daddy gets back to the RCNIC soon after they go home for the day. I am hardly ever alone. I mean, I do get my alone time in the crib but I also get all the lovin' I want and it ROCKS!

On Sunday there was an event downtown for the American Heart Association called the Heart Mini-Marathon. There were 3 events. A 5K run, a 15K run and a 5K walk. The whole family participated in the event at one distance or another in Mommy's memory (they even had special t-shirts). Uncle Ben and Angela ran the 5K, daddy ran the 15K and the rest of the family walked the 5K. Cousin Elisabeth even ran an unofficial length of 7K (nobody told her where to turn around, hehehe). Daddy says the weather was a little cold, rainy and windy but that it couldn't sour the event and everyone had a great time. He said that the event is to raise money for people whose hearts are special. Daddy says mommy's heart was especially special because it was the largest, most loving one that he has ever seen. After Daddy finished his run the people there gave him a medallion for participating. He brought it straight to the hospital to give it to me saying that he thought of me an mommy for every mile of his 9.3 mile run. He also said that next year, he might actually train for the event instead of just going out and doing it. And guess what?!?! He said that I get to do it next year too because we have a special stroller that he can run with. That is going to be a lot of fun.

It was a busy weekend in the RCNIC too. I am up to full feeds again and hopefully they will let me start eating every three hours from the bottle. I am currently on a continuous feed through an NG tube (nose tube). I am continuing to weigh in good at 6lbs 3oz and I measured in at 181/2 inches. The doctors say that I am right where I need to be in terms of maturity, weight and size. But they still don't know when they are going to send me home. They would like me to have my own "bowel" movements and they want to watch me a bit longer because the last couple of infections happened about a week after I got to full feeds. So, prayer request. Please pray that I have no more infections come on and that my belly starts to move my poop without any assistance. If we can do these things, I will be home in short order.
Oh yea, almost forgot. I wanted to thank you guys for praying for my friends here. A couple of the kids in my pod are doing so much better since the last time I asked you all to pray for them. One was even taken off a ventilator. You all really are the best!!
Well, I better get back to bed. I had "Spa" night tonight and am so tired. It's a tough life being me. Snuggle, sleep, get loved on, sleep, Spa night. Love it!! Goodnight everbody. I love you all sooo much!!
Love, Lily


  1. Hey Little Lily,

    You are looking so great! I miss you like crazy but I'm so glad that you keep us all posted about your progress through your blog :) Hopefully I'll be able to come visit you soon - wherever that might be...

    That medallion is awesome! You are also wearing that little frog outfit that I gave you in that picture - with fun little frogs on your feet. I must say that purple is a very flattering color for you.

    You will love being able to travel in the jogging stroller with your Daddy next spring. I'm so glad that your daddy and family was able to honor your mommy in such a special way.

    Keep working hard and we continue to prayer for you lots! I love you so much!!!

    Alison, Mike and Gwyn

  2. My prayers are with you for great progress this week and that you do everything the doctors are hoping for. I'm also still praying for the other lil ones at Children's.
    What a cool thing your Dad did to honor your Mommy! Hopefully next year you'll be the team's cheerleader from your stroller and have a great view strolling along!

  3. You ROCK Lily!! Keep up the great work!!

  4. Lily, you are SUCH a big girl and am so proud of your progress!! :)
    Nurse Cayse