Sunday, February 1, 2009

Three Weeks and Poppin' the Top

Hey Everyone!! Long time, no blog!!! Things have been really busy and mommy and daddy haven't had much time to type. So here's the scoop. I am three weeks old today (February 1) and have been really busy growing. I now weigh 2lbs 12oz and the doctors are going to increase the amount of food that I get. Yummy! Thanks mom for working so hard to get my food.

The nurses are great and they just love me. They are so happy with my progress that they decided I was ready for the top of my bed to be popped. You are probably wondering why this is a big deal. Well, a lot of my friends here that are my age have trouble keeping their body temperature in the right range (97-99 degrees) but I seem to do a good job of keeping mine up when I am out of my bed with Mom and Dad. So, we'll see how it goes and if I do a really good job the nurses will move me to a crib in about five days. I need to show the nurses that I can hold my own temperature. If not, they will just put my top on for a little while longer but I am confident that won't happen.

Along with the extra calories in my food, I also get vitamins to help my body grow and my immune system develop. The caffeine treatments have really been helping my dips and I look forward to soon growing out of them so that I don't need the caffeine any longer.

I wanted to thank everyone who has bought books for me. I love when my mommy and daddy read to me. Mom makes funny voices for all the characters in the story. Dad...well, he's working on it but he never leaves me for the night without reading me a bedtime story.

As you can see things with me are going pretty well. My parents say that my only job is to eat, sleep, poop and grow. So, I am going to get back to that. Stay tuned for our next installment.

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