Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rounding Third and Heading for Home

Hey everybody!! Sorry I have not blogged for a couple of days. There have been some HUGE developments since the last post. So, since they gave me that suppository to get the "flow"going it's been much easier for me know.... go. Daddy says that if I am as regular as mommy, he is really going to have to stock up on the diapers. But he always tells me, "Better out than in!" I agree with him there.

The doctors are really impressed with how well I have developed this week. They say that I have taken off like a rocket. I am now eating a full feed for a girl my size (32-37mLs per feed). Man that's a lot of food. I am taking all of my food from the bottle and the nurses love my "man burps". All this eating is also helping with the whole "chubby baby" dreams my mommy and daddy have. I weigh 4lbs8oz and daddy says that he loves both of my chins.

Since I am taking all my food from the bottle, the nurses disconnected my IV fluids and said they most likely remove my PICC line (IV) this weekend. Daddy was soo excited to here about how well I am doing and then the doctors dropped the "bomb" on him. They said, "Since Lily is doing so great, we are going to discharge her either Monday or Tuesday next week." Daddy about fainted. So, I am coming home!!

But there is a some stuff we have to do first. Like tonight, I am having a slumber party with Daddy and Mimi McHugh. They get to come to the hospital where there is a special room (kinda like a hotel room) and the nurses take me off all those stinkin' monitors and I stay in the room with Daddy and Mimi. I can't wait!! I think Daddy is planning for an all-nighter. The reason we are doing this is to get Daddy used to me not having any monitors (it's really easy to focus on those when you are in the NICU). I also have to get some vaccination stuff done and the doctors want to watch me through the weekend. Not to mention, Daddy has got some stuff to get in order at home.

Daddy and Uncle Josh came by last night and hung out with me. They spent the afternoon cleaning out the car and installing my seat. I can not wait for my first car ride!! I can not wait to meet Tucker. Most of all, I can not wait to be with Daddy.

The doctors have given Daddy some strict orders for when I come home. Since it's March and I am still very young, I won't be able to have many visitors for a month or so. There is something called RSV (a respiratory virus) that is very dangerous for babies like me. And it is still flu season too. They said that it's a little different with babies who make it all the way to their due date and that Daddy has to take special care of who comes to see me because I am a preemie. So, it would probably be best to call first before stopping by to see if you can or if it's even a good time. Hey, I sleep a lot and that can't be very exciting. Even though Daddy loves to watch me sleep. Weirdo...

So that is the big news. I am soooo close to coming home I can't stand it. I will miss all my nurses and doctors but they can come see me at home if they want. That's where I belong. Stay tuned and a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has been praying for Daddy and me. And thank you God for answering them. You all ROCK!!

Love You, Lily


  1. Dear Lily,

    Yippee, hooray!!! We are thrilled to the moon that you are doing so well!!! We check the blog every day to share in your progress. We can't wait to meet you, but we understand that you can't be exposed to our big people germs. As soon as Daddy says you're ready for guests, we'll be there with hugs and kisses. Uncle Jim, Aunt Jane (me), Jason, Debbie, Bella, Evie, Jared and Amanda have been praying very hard for you and Daddy. We send you lots of hugs and kisses.

  2. This is EXCITING news! I've been following you since you were about a week old and am amazed at just how strong a little girl you are, Lily:)

  3. Oh Sean this is so exciting. Yeah God! What a fighter Lily is - just like her mom. We are continuing to pray for you and Lily. Go Lily- love that you have a double chin now! Kim Botto

  4. Lily - Hip hip hooray! Way to go, Girl. It will be great for you and daddy to be home. We'll keep praying for you and thanking God for your progress so far. Love you, Lilibit.

  5. Lily,

    You must take after you mom, cause she could really belt out the burps! We used to have contests and she would always win!!! Sometimes she didn't even sound human :)

    I never met Tucker, but I've seen LOTS of pictures of him and I know you will love him.

    I hope to meet you soon. I know the weather is crazy and everyone is getting colds right now, but it will be warm soon.

    Keep getting better.

    Jessica Arnold

  6. Lily...way to go girl...I know you will have fun at your slumber party tonight with daddy and Mimi McHugh...keep them busy with lots of wet and dirty diapers and lots of hugs and kisses....I know everything will be easier from here on out....lots of prayers coming your way...Aunt MJR in Florida

  7. Lily, You are so beautiful and now strong. Your Daddy, Sean is the sweetest. Mommy is so very proud and watching everything. Thank you for learning how to eat and Poop. We pray for you all. Love, Libby

  8. I have been thinking about you all day little Lily! Wondering if you got to come home today... tomorrow? It will come before we all know it! Keep up all the good work pretty girl!

  9. Way to go Lily! You are getting soooo big and I'm so excited for you to go home with Daddy soon. God is Great and you are such a blessing. All my prayers!!!