Sunday, February 15, 2009

Under The Weather

Hey everybody. Thank you to those of you that went to mommy's "life celebration" service. I heard the place was packed with people that my mommy had loved and that also loved my mommy. Daddy said it was the perfect way to honor mommy's life.
I have been a little under the weather the past couple of days. The doctors say that I have pneumatosis. Gas bubbles stuck in the wall of my intestine for us normal people. Don't Google it. Daddy said it almost made him mess his pants. The doctors stopped feeding me ( I get my food from IV now) and are giving me a bunch of antibiotics. Hopefully they start working and the doctors don't have to do anything more invasive. Unfortunately, that is all we know. The docs say that I am looking better but we still have to wait and see how we progress. Daddy says we need to ask for everybody to pray. So, please pray that I get better fast and that the doctors are given the wisdom to choose the the right plan of care. There isn't a photo today because daddy forgot the camera. Thanks for loving and praying for me and daddy. Love, Lily


  1. Lily,

    We will be praying for your continued growth and health.

    With much love!
    Sandy, Clyde, Jessica and Austin

  2. lilly and daddy,
    i just read of your story in the paper, you are the stongest and most beautiful little girl i have heard of. i know that we don't know each other or i never meet your mommy but she sounded like a very beautiful woman i am sure with your pictures and memories passed down from daddy and family you will be just like her. she will always be watching over you, if you guys need anything at all i know i don't know you but its all i can offer daddy or someone in your family can email me and i will do all i can to help you. i will continue to pray for you and your family and pray that you make a full and fast recovery.

    with love

    my email is

  3. Lily, we hope your tummy feels better soon. We know that just like your mom, you are small but mighty! Keep growing bigger and stronger. Tucker can't wait to smooch you when you get to go home with daddy!

    Love, The Stachlers

  4. have a special guardian angel..your mommy ! We are all praying for you and your daddy ! Love, Diane :)