Monday, February 16, 2009

Moving In the Right Direction

What's up everyone? Today has been a pretty good day. I am looking and feeling much better. Daddy says it's because Mommy is watching over me and giving me strength. The antibiotics don't hurt either. The doctors made me use a breathing tube for the last couple nights because I was having a hard time breathing. It was very uncomfortable and made my throat scratchy so I pulled it out when they weren't looking. Haha. They talked about putting the tube back in but I showed them that I could breathe on my own without any help. I had a couple of brief periods when I dipped a little but nothing too serious. like when the nurses wrap me up in a swaddle

Daddy and Mimi came and spent the morning with me. I rested all day because that is how I am going to get better. Mimi stayed until Mamau came and then came back a little later in the evening. I have the best grandmas ever!! Then Poppy came and hung out with me in the evening.

The doctors and nurses are happy with my progress but I am not "out of the woods" yet. They are still watching me very closely. I will be on the antibiotics for 7-10 days so that the infection goes away. In the meantime, they will keep giving me my food through the IV which stinks. I miss my milk. But the time off of feeding gives my belly the rest it needs for the pneumatosis to go away. When it is gone, the nurses will start feeding me again very slowly.

Daddy says there are a lot of people praying for me. You guys ROCK!! Please keep praying that I keep getting better and get healed. The sooner I get better, the sooner I get to have milk and the sooner I get to go home to Daddy and Tucker.

Oh yeah, big news. Daddy and Uncle MJ went home after seeing me tonight and put together my crib. Daddy says the nursery is looking really good since Mamau and Aunt Cyndi painted it. It has monkeys and vines and hearts. I can't wait to see it.

You guys are probably wondering how big I am getting. Well, with the my food coming from the IV, I am not really gaining much weight. I weigh 3lbs 10.6oz and am 16 inches long. Once I get back on real baby food(milk) I promise to plump up. Mommy wants a chubby baby so I will aim to please.

Well, back to resting. Keep on praying. Thanks for everything. I love you all, Lily


  1. Lily! Things sound good! I am going to keep praying! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Lily,
    You are beautiful! We will keep those prayers coming baby keep working on getting healthy, little miss~ You almost have a little double chin (so adorable) and you must wear that proudly. It means that weight is moving up the scale cutie~ Keep getting bigger, and we will keep those prayers coming for you and your daddy~
    Love, Erin, Chad, and Catherine

  3. Looking good Lily- I will try to stop by while I am working this weekend. Keep making your Mommy and Daddy proud!

  4. Oh Lily, we are so glad to hear you are doing better. We will keep those prayers coming.
    Love- Andy & Janelle

  5. Lily I'm so excited to hear the good news! I know you're making your Mommy and Daddy so proud. I'll keep the prayers coming!


  6. YES! Lily we are all praying for you. You are a fighter. We talk about you all the time and are always looking on here for updates. We love you.

  7. Lily, so glad you are doing better! We all are saying prayers for you and your daddy. You are in the best of care and you must feel the love coming your way.

    We look forward to meeting you when you come home. {{{hugs}}} dear one..

    The Keller family

  8. Oh my! Look how you have grown little one!
    Keep growing and continue to get well so we can come visit again!

    We Love You!

    ~Uncle Grady and Aunt Cyndi

  9. lilly you are so beautiful!!!!!you are in our prayers every night.we cant wait to meet you when you come home.your room sounds awsome!!!! love, the pangallo family

  10. I seen your story on the news and it is very touching. Lily, you sound like a strong little girl with a wonderful family! You are my inspiration!

  11. Little Miss Lily,

    We will keep praying for you! Those never end....I can't wait until you hit the 4 lb. mark. Your mommy and daddy will be so proud of you! Thank heavens for that angel in heaven just for you! Keep it up girl!
    The Hartke's

  12. Lily,
    You little fighter! Grow fast and grow strong, your Daddy needs you. I will be praying for you and your family.

  13. Lily,

    You are a beautiful, strong girl! And you have the best angel looking over you that anyone could ask for! Keep fighting, and yes...plump up!

    You and your Daddy will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Sandy, Clyde, Jessica and Austin

  14. You go girl!!! We are praying for you and your two will have so much fun together. I don't know Tucker yet, but I hear he's great too! :) I am on your babysitter list, so I hope I get a call before you go to high school. Your daddy said I need to "get in line"!!!!!! Love you!

  15. you are prayed for every nite little one
    bella and sophie cant wait to see you come home
    much love and prayers to you and daddy

  16. Hi Lily, It does my heart so much good to see your beautiful eyes looking back at me. You are so pretty. I need you to get better so I can come over and hold you. By the way, I hope i am first on the babysitting list. I love you, Aunt Juli

  17. Hi Lily!

    Hhhmmm... not even 2 months old and already fighting authority (feeding tube). Haha! Way to show 'em! We'll keep praying since your tunny isn't 100% yet.

    What a great Daddy and Uncle you have! I'm sure the room looks beautiful! You keep healing and fighting! I know your family will love the infection right out of you... with Mommy's angel help of course. ;-)

    Love & blessings to you!

  18. tummy... tunny... spelling is a lifelong struggle, Lily! :)

  19. Lily, I read about you on another blog. Please know that you and your daddy and the rest of your family are in my prayers. Stay strong little one- I'm rooting for you!

  20. Aw, what a sweetie, she is just precious! You can tell she is fiesty... she is already missing a sock! She looks great! Keep up that growing miss Lily. Sign me up for the babysitter list too. We can't wait to meet you Lily.
    Love The Stachlers

  21. Lily,
    We pray for you every night. We are so happy to hear that you are growing and gaining weight. You are so strong and a fighter just like your mother. She would be so proud of you. You are so beautiful. We will continue to pray for you and your daddy. He must be so proud too.
    Kylene, Bryon, Isabelle, and Carson