Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Have A Guardian Angel

Daddy came to see me yesterday and shared with me that mommy has gone to heaven. Not because she wanted to but because God said He needed her. I am going to miss my mommy so very much but daddy says we can talk to her whenever we want because she is watching over me. She is like air. You can't see it. Sometimes you can't even feel it. But like air, she will always be here. I am going to miss her holding me and falling asleep to the rythm of her heartbeat. She calls me her angel, but really mommy is mine.

I continue to grow and make great strides to coming home. Today I weighed in at 3lbs8oz and last night I ate almost all my dinner from the bottle. My nurses have been showering me with love. They hold me and talk to me. And let's not forget, they feed me and clean up my poopy diapers. Now, that's love.

Daddy read to me today when he visited with Mamau, Poppy and Mimi. I have such a great family and my daddy tells me there are many more great people in the family that I have yet to meet. I can not wait for that.

Thank you all for your prayers. I hope I grow up to touch as many lives as my mommy has. Love you all, Lily


  1. Lily,
    Your mommy was so proud of you! I know that you will lead an awesome and wonderful life. Your daddy is amazing!

    I look forward to coming to visit you with your daddy later this afternoon.

    XOXOXO...I love you,
    Aunt Alison

  2. Sean and Lily,

    We love you guys. You are surrounded by people who love you, and you will always be. Marty was certainly an amazing woman. I can't wait for Lily to reflect Marty's incredible qualities to the world.

  3. Lily,

    Your mom was so awesome! She had a spirit like no other, and I bet she passed that along to you:) You will grow up surrounded by so many who loved her and have so many stories to tell about your mom, you won't believe all she's done and how many people she touched in a special way. You are truly blessed to have a mom like that, and you're dad is pretty cool too!
    What a great description of your mom....air! It is all around us all the time. It is refreshing, cool, soothing, and beautiful....just like your mom.
    God Bless you and your dad! Your mom's contribution to this Earth was you, and you are an angel!

    With love,
    Sandy, Clyde, Jessica and Austin

  4. Lily,

    I loved your mom very much. She was my best friend. You are lucky to have her as your mom.

    I hope to get to meet you in person soon so continue to grow so you can go home. I have a gift I bought your mom that I would like to give to you.

    Make sure your dad finds my flowers that I sent your mom. There is a frog that is for you to keep forever.

    I love your mom, and I know I will love you too, I already are very cute!

    Jessica Arnold

  5. sean and lilly marty will be greatly i said no matter what time it is day or night you can knock on our door there's always someone is so beautiful,just like her mother.

    butch and jennifer

  6. Your mommy was an amazing person and such an inspiration to me. I know that she will be watching over you and showering you with love from up above! Your daddy will take such awesome care of you, just like he did for your mom. You are such a precious, blessing. I hope I get the priveledge of meeting you someday soon!


  7. Sean and Lily,

    You are in our prayers. There's an old Swedish saying. Shared joy is doubled joy; shared sorrow is halved sorrow. You have a large and loving family and circle of friends who would do anything for you. We love you very much.

    Chuck and Mary Lou

  8. I found this blog on channel 9 this morning and I want you to know that I am amazed by the love that surrounds you. I wish you health and happiness throughout your life and most of all on this special day of love I wish you the love that surrounds you today the love that will continue for the rest of your life. God Bless you and your family and remember to hold Daddy if you see him missing Mommy on special days like this.
    Araya Love in Northern KY

  9. Happy Valentine's Day, Lily!!! You were surrounded by so much love and peace today :)

    It was a great day as we celebrated the life of your mommy! Yay, I can't wait to tell you stories, show you pictures, read you letters, and just hug you...ah, life is good little girl.

    I love you so much,
    Aunt Alison

  10. Hi Lily,
    My name is Christy Purcell. I worked with your mommy a few years ago. We were both hired in 2005 to teach third grade at John G Carlisle. I moved to New Jersey mid-year, and I lost contact with your mommy.

    I was looking through the Ky Post online last night, and I stumbled across an article about your mommy. I just wanted to say that I am so sorry for your loss. Marty was a great person.