Monday, February 9, 2009

Big Moves

What's up everyone?!Mommy and Daddy can not believe I had my 4 week birthday this past Sunday. Since my last blog I have been busy doing all the things a 33weeker is supposed to be doing. I have started cueing and hinting to my nurses and parents that I am ready to start eating like a big girl. So today, they let me try to eat out of a bottle. Yummy!! But what a workout! I ate 13mL of my 28mL lunch and got so tired I decided to stop and let Christa(my nurse) put the rest of my food in my tube. Christa says that I am still very young to be eating by bottle but she will let me feed once a day through the bottle. So 13mL is pretty darn good for my first time.

I am doing a good job with the chores mommy and daddy gave me. I am eating all my dinner, pooping on my own, and growing. I have gained a little weight and now weigh 3lbs 6oz and am filling out quite nicely. Oh, and I am getting taller. I am 15 and 1/2 inches long. That's a whole inch taller than I was born.

So, things continue to go great for me. I have the best team of people caring for me and praying for me. I can not wait to come home with mommy and daddy but I will miss all my nurses here at the NICU.

I haven't got to see mom since Saturday because she had to go back to the hospital to get rid of the fluid that is stuck in her tummy. Daddy says the doctors think once the fluid is gone, it will be easier for mom to get around. They also said that they don't think she will be there too long. I miss her a lot but know that she is doing what she has to do to get better so that I can come home to her. Daddy tells me that my mommy is doing well, that the treatment to get rid of the fluid seems to be working and we are praying her stay there is a short one. He also says that mommy is one of the strongest people he knows and that I am one lucky girl to have such a wonderful mommy. But I already knew that.

My Mimi McHugh came and stayed with me all day today and held me for hours. I love that!! I have the best Mimi's/Grandmas in the whole world. They shower me with kisses and love. Check out the pic of the outfit I got with stripes and the silly bug on it. With such great grandparents and family, I am gonna have a sweet wardrobe!! I'll have some serious style, check out me and mom in our beanie caps. I hope I am as pretty as mom when I grow up.

Well, I am gonna go for now. I have to get my rest so that I can continue to grow. I love you all. -Lily


  1. You're entire family is in our prayers. Sean, if there is anything you need, don't ever hesitate to ask. We can do anything!
    We love you all! We will miss Marty dearly. Lily has an angel in heaven just for her!
    With love and sympathy,
    Steve, Lorraine and Madeline Hartke

  2. We are so deeply saddened to lose Marty. She was an angel on Earth and loved Jessica as if she were her own. She will always hold a special place in our hearts. We loved her so much!!!

    With love and our deepest sympathy,
    Sandy, Clyde, Jessica and Austin

  3. We are so sorry for your sudden loss and wish you all peace and strength through these difficult times and beyond. Lily Ann is beautiful, and this blog is a magnificent tribute to her loving beginning. Thank you for sharing your good times.


    Ellyn, Kent, Amanda, Rebecca, Genevieve, and Oliver Murdick

  4. We are so sorry for your loss!

    We can't stop thinking & praying for you and Lily. We're praying for a peace and strength that only God can provide!

    This blog is beautiful reflection of your teammate, Sean! Especially all her "squirmy wormy" and other cutie patootie comments.

    We love you and are blessed beyond measure to have all of you in our lives!

    Love, Chad & Beth McLean
    -big hug-

  5. I am deeply sorry for your loss. I knew Marty only for a short time, I taught with her at John G her first two years. She was a wonderfully spirited woman who cared very deeply with an incredible compassion for everyone and everything she encountered. She had a beautiful spirit that will be wonderfully accepted and appreciated in heaven, but deeply missed here! It was an amazing blessing to have had my life touched, even for just a short time, by such an incredible person. Her life has been cut short, for whatever reasons, but her spirit will live on forever in everyone of the hundreds of childrens' lives she has touched, especially through that beautiful baby girl she worked so hard to bring into this world.
    My prayers are with you, Lily, and the rest of your families.

    Shannon Crawford

  6. Such a wonderful person Marty was. I am glad that the hat fits Lily. So sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my prayers.