Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!! I am really getting the hang of this bottle thing. They are feeding me 14mLs each feed now and it takes me about 2 minutes to suck it all down. Well, maybe not all of it. Some of it ends up on Daddy's hand or in his lap but I make sure to drink as much of it as I can. A girl's gotta breathe you know and when I stop to do that some formula is gonna get lost. Daddy can't believe how fast I am growing. I weighed in today at 4lbs3.8oz. He says it's like the Biggest Loser in reverse.

My physical therapist came by today and gave me a little workout. I bet you didn't know that even 35 week old babies pump-it-up. She helps me stretch and bends my joints to make sure they have a good range of motion. I get to do this a couple times a week and am getting better at it every time.

My Mimi Cameron came by early in the day and visited for a little while. I took a nap and then Mimi McHugh stopped in. And then my Florida Papau stopped by with a teddy-bear that has a shirt on with my name on it. Then Poppy and Mamau came and stayed for a little while. I might be setting a record for the most visited baby in the NICU. Oh yea, Daddy came by after work and stayed for a really long time. He fed and burped me and then we got to Kangaroo for 2 hours which totally rocks!!

The doctors and nurses are waiting anxiously for me to poop since I haven't done that since they started feeding me. They said it could take some time to do that but hope to see it soon. So, please keep your fingers crossed -or even pray- that I am able to produce the much valued product soon. This is very important to me being able to go home with Daddy and Tucker. I can't believe I just asked so many people to pray for my pooping. Kinda embarrassing.

Well, that's all I have for now. I will keep you updated on any new developments.

Love You,



  1. Lily I love how you are grabbing hold of daddy's hand! You are doing fantastic. We're praying that all that stuff you're taking in - comes out, sooner rather than later. This will be the most celebrated poop ever!

  2. Lily, I remember when my little girl didn't poop for the first few days of her life and I was so scared and sad and prayed and prayed for that glorious day. When it happened I remember jumping up and down with excitement. I am sure your daddy will do the same.

    You don't know me, but I went to college at UD with your mommy. We were in education classes together and even though we were not very close friends, I knew she was a special person and you are so lucky to have her watching over you!

    Keep eating and gaining weight. You will be at home with your daddy in no time. Tell your daddy to hang in there--from what I can tell, he is doing such a great job. You are a lucky little girl!

    Bridget ( Mahaney) Isgro

  3. Lily, you are a delight to see on this fun blog each day. Your mom said to me, You are going to Love Lily!. We all do love you.
    I am going to fly up and see you soon. Mimi Cameron is my little sister and that makes me an Auntie. I am praying for a poop for you. Daddy is making my heart very warm as he holds you, sweet Lily.