Monday, March 2, 2009

Gettin Close

Hey everybody!! This weekend totally rocked!! Daddy and Mimi came for our slumber party on Saturday and we had a great time together. Of course, there was no slumber to be had for Daddy. The NICU calls it a "stay-over" because most parents don't sleep much that first night with their new baby. Daddy says it is hard to sleep when there aren't any monitors that will alarm him if I act up. So he only got like 2 hours of sleep. I slept really good and every three hours Daddy or Mimi would wake me up to eat. I would scarf down my food, Daddy would pat my back until I let out a nice burp and then he'd hold me until I fell back asleep. What a life! We spent all night together until 8am Sunday when the nurse came to bring me back to the NICU. Mimi and Daddy said it was good practice for when I come home (which should be any day now) and that hopefully daddy can work on falling right back to sleep after he puts me down.
On Sunday, they took out my PICC (IV) and now all I have to where are those silly heart rate monitor things. Daddy said that all my Aunts and some of Mommy's friends came over to get the house ready for my homecoming. My nursery is all ready to go and the changing station is fully stocked. Daddy says that I have more clothes than you can shake a stick at and that I could where a new outfit every fifteen minutes and still not have to do laundry for a month. We'll see about that.
So, I should be coming home any day now. All I have to do is produce some "product" all on my own (are you noticing a theme here) and then they will release me to go home with Daddy. I can't wait to be home. Daddy is taking off work for a while to hang out with me and I can't wait to spen all my time with him. We will eat, nap, #2, read books and nap some more. But most importantly, we'll just love on eachother.
The doctors said that I can start eating as much as I want and today I took two bottles with 45 mLs in them!! That is way more than the 32 that I was eating. If I keep eating like this, I will be 5 lbs really soon. Today I was 4lbs 10oz.
Oh yeah! I got my picture taken today by a professional photographer. They put me in all kinds of cute poses and one with me resting on Daddy's hand. Not to boast or anything but I look really cute in the photos. I guess when the lady comes to take your picture it means you are on the shorttimers list and almost out of the NICU. Next time you hear from me may be from my new home.
The nurses and doctors at Good Sam are amazing and Daddy says they are answering a special calling everytime they come to work. He says they help dreams come true. He says that even though we could never repay them that they will always be in our thoughts and prayers. So if you work at Good Sam and took care of either me or mommy -or- me and mommy, thank you.
I will blog to you all real soon.

Love you all, Lily


  1. we cant wait lily!!! the girls look out the window everyday waiting for you.keep up the good work!!!love the pangallos

  2. Lily, you are almost HOME! I love your pics with Daddy. You're so beautiful. Hugs.

  3. Soo excited for you. Hopefully you won't be there for me to look in on when I come to work on Sunday!

  4. We are so excited that you are going home soon! I'm sure you can't wait to see your very own nursery! :)