Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Do

Hey everybody!! Things are continuing to go pretty good for me. They allowed me to feed out of the bottle 4 times today!! Well, maybe I should clarify. They let me take 5 mLs from a bottle 4 times today. It's not much but it sure tastes good. Daddy thinks it's hilarious because when they started to give me the bottle I acted like I thought it was just another pacifier and didn't show much interest. But when the milk hit my tongue, my eyes got really wide and I went to town on the bottle. It only takes me about 20 seconds to polish off such a small amount but I plan on showing the doctors that I can handle more of the good stuff. Anything to get this PICC out of my hair.

Oh yea, my hair. This is something I was NOT very excited about. The nurses have to change the dressing for my PICC once every week. Well, they tried to be delicate but the tape was pulling out some of my hair. Do you know how bad that feels? I'll tell ya, it doesn't feel good. And then, to top things off, the lady cut my hair. Can you believe that?!?! She cut my hair!! It took me close to nine months to grow that stuff and she just took it right off in less then 10 seconds. Daddy says that it will grow back and that I am still the cutest thing he has ever seen. We even got to keep my hair that was cut. It's on a postcard that says "My First Haircut". While I was less-than-thrilled about my new do, daddy said the nurse did it so I didn't have to have my hair yanked out everytime they have to change the dressing. Besides, it's just the hair around the PICC. It isn't like she shaved my whole head. Daddy also says it's just hair and that he's been cutting his for years and it always seems to grow back. Well, most of it grows back.

The doctors are really happy with my progress. At this rate, I won't be hanging out here at Childrens too long. I told you all that I was going to cruise right past the 6lbs mark and you know what?! I weighed 6pounds 2ounces today!! It's gotta be all the love and prayers I have been getting. The lipids (fat) that they put in my IV probably don't hurt either.

Daddy says that I am blooming right before his eyes. Just like the trees, flowers and bushes outside. He says Spring is when new life springs forth and that he is very thankful that I will be coming home when it's getting warm. That way, we won't be stuck in the house as much. We can get out and go for walks around the neighborhood and take Tucker with us. Daddy says we will have to train Tuck to walk next to a stroller but that it shouldn't be too hard to do on the account that Tucker is so smart. I can't wait.

Tomorrow (March 27) is my actual due date and daddy is going to spend most of the day with me. He has to go into work for a little bit but said he will take a very long lunch and then go back to work for a little while longer to finish up things before the weekend. Daddy says that my Mimi Cameron is coming into town and will be coming to see me tomorrow. I can't wait. I have really missed her. I look forward to some quality snuggling time.

Well, I better get some rest. Thanks for everything. You guys are SWEET!!!

Love Always, Lily


  1. Lily,
    The flowers are blooming for you. We send our love from the lake.
    It is fun to share your blog with family here in Arkansas.
    So adorable!
    Love and prayers,
    Aunt Libby