Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mmmm, is that milk in my tummy?

Happy Monday folks!! It was a pretty fun weekend after the doctors were done running their tests. On Sunday, Daddy came after church and hung out for a few hours and we read books and cuddled a bunch. He told me that Spring is here and that there are -hopefully- much warmer days on the way and since the weather was so nice, Daddy left for a couple of hours to ride his bike in the afternoon. He says that when I get big enough that there is a trailer he can attach to his bike so that I can go on rides with him. That sounds really cool and he says that he sees a lot of daddies with their babies riding along on the trail by our house!!

I finally started feeding again!! It seems like it's been forever but they had to make sure everything was cool before they introduced anything to my tummy. The doctors said I have to start rreeeaalllyyy slow because my tummy has to get used to having food in it again. Since the feeds are too little for a bottle, I get my food through the tube in my nose. I sure hope this is the last time I have to have one of these tubes in my face. It really itches!! Today I kept sneezing. One sneeze was so big that I blew the tube right out of my nose!! Daddy tells me that the plan is to slowly increase how much food I can have and when the volume gets high enough, I can start practicing on the bottle again. I look forward to that.

I get great treatment here at Children's. I have a physical therapist that comes to see me during the day. Mimi says that she's like the baby whisperer or something because when she gets done with me, I am as limp as a wet noodle. On top of that, I get held all the time and they put a CD player in my crib so that I can listen to lullaby music. Man, does that music zonk you out. Good stuff, great naps.

I had my second eye exam today (Monday) and I passed in with flying colors. Other than that, there is not really anything new to report. I just attend to my one chore...to grow. I weighed 5lbs 12.5ounces tonight! I will be 6 pounds before you know it!! Actually, I'll probably fly right past it at this rate. The plan right now is to keep increasing my feeds -so long as I can process them- until I get to a full feed volume (this is going to take a bit of time). So, same ol', same ol'. But we are moving forward. Yea!!

Thank you for all your prayers!! You guys are the best. If you could, please throw up a prayer for the rest of my friends here. Some of them are pretty sick and their parents are pretty stressed too. And one for the INCREDIBLE staff!

OK, goodnight everyone. A girl has to get her beauty sleep you know!!

Love You All, Lily


  1. Lily,

    You are so beautiful and so strong! You have grown so much! You will hit that 6 pound mark before you know it. We continue to pray for you and your family.

    Keep moving forward and you will be home with your Daddy and Tucker before you know it!

    With much love,
    Sandy, Jessica, Clyde and Austin

  2. Lily,

    Wow!!! You are too cute. I love how much bigger and stronger you've become in such a short time. Gwyn, Mike, and I keep praying for you and your daddy. I hope to swing by on Friday to check in on you, if all goes as planned. I can't wait to give you some more squeezes and kisses. I bet you've already outgrown some of your clothes, big stuff :)

    Keep working hard - sleeping, gradually increasing your feeds, listening to some great stories by dad, etc. and you'll be home before you know it. I'll have to get you one of Gwyn's favorite bedtime CD's - it's called Bedtime with the Beatles. It's really nice. Gwyndolin can't wait to meet you, Lily!

    Much love and many prayers...XOXOXOXO,

  3. Hi Lily!
    I thought of you first thing this morning. If I remember correctly, today was your due date (even though you are already 2 months old, how amazing!!!) It sounds like you are doing so great, and you are just cute as can be. I just love your little button nose and your little cheeks. Keep up that eating, sleeping and growing. We pray for you, your mommy, your daddy, and all of your friends at Good Sam and Children's. We hope to meet you very soon!
    With love, Erin