Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Hangin' Out

Hey Everybody!! It's been a few days since I last posted anything. In the last post I mentioned that I almost came home but then my tummy acted up again. So, the doctors decided to treat me the same as they did the last time this happened. They put me on three different antibiotics to fight any infection that is going on, they place the replogle back in my nose to suck out any nasty stuff in my belly and they stopped feeding me (which totally stinks by-the-way). Instead of the yummy formula, I get my food through the PICC (a fancy IV). Last time they put the PICC in my arm but this time they put it my HEAD!!! Yea, you are probably thinking "whoa, they put in IV in Lily's head?" Well, it doesn't look as bad as you might think. They put it there because they wanted to give my arms and legs a break and because it was the easiest place to place it. It doesn't mess up anything. Daddy still gets to kangaroo with me and my mimis and other visitors still get to hold me.

The whole not eating thing really gets on my nerves and every three hours I let the nurses know it! I kinda get cranky when I have an empty belly. Daddy says he is the same way. The nurses and doctors say that I won't be eating again until they figure out what is going on. This is a major bummer but we can't risk another infection or making this one worse.

The plan is to let my medicine do its job and that will take about 7-10days (this Saturday or Sunday). After that, they will be transferring me to Children's Hospital here in Cincinnati to have a bunch of tests ran on my belly and intestines. Depending on what they find, they will decide whether I just need a different type of diet/formula or if they need to do an operation or procedure. I am hoping for the change in diet, personally. I am told that Children's is a great place to go and that the people there are very nice but I don't think anybody can be any nicer than my friends here at the NICU at Good Sam. They are the bestest!!

I am soo excited for tomorrow. Daddy said that he is taking the day off work tomorrow to relax and that means he will be able to come spend a little more time with me. That is awesome. We can read books, kangaroo, chat and nap. I can't wait!!

Well, that's about it. The last couple of days I have just been resting and spending time with Daddy and my Mimi's. Uncle John and Aunt Sandy stopped by yesterday to say "Hi" so that was nice. Poppy is coming to see me tomorrow and I really look forward to that. You are probably wanting a weight update. I weighed in tonight at 4lbs 10oz. It is very hard to gain any weight when they stop giving you the good stuff. But, once we get things straightened out I will pick up where we left off.

Thanks for all your love and prayers. You rock!

Love You All, Lily


  1. Lily! You poor lil' chick! We are praying that get well soon and get to come home-healthy! Love and prayers little one.

    The Wiesner Family

  2. Lovely Lily...I will be hoping and praying that you will be feeling better soon. Tomorrow is your 2nd. month birthday and I will be thinking of you all day and singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you...Iwill sing extra loud so you can hear it all the way from Florida. That is really why your daddy wanted to spend the day with you. Your 2nd. cousin Kevin was a patient at Childrens when he was 4 1/2 months old and had Spinal Meningitis...they doctors and nurses were great and they will treat you with kid gloves...after all, you are a Princess.....Happy Birthday a day early....xoxo Aunt MJ

  3. Dear Lily- I hope the dr's get to the bottom of things fast so you can go home soon! You're in my prayers, little one- keep fighting!

  4. Oh my Lily! you like to keep things interesting!! God bless your little heart.. still praying for you and so glad your daddy will spend the day with you tomorrow.. have a lovely and cuddly 2 month birthday.

    Take care and tell your daddy we love him and keep him close to our hearts and in our prayers always.

    Love and {{{{{hugs}}}}}}}
    The Kellers

  5. Lily,

    Hang in there girl, you're such a fighter just like your mom. Praying you will feel better and come home with Daddy soon! God will continue to bless you and Daddy so keep your chin up!

  6. Dear Lily,

    My name is Rachel. I helped your Daddy take care of himself yesterday by giving him a therapeutic massage. I also gave your Mommy a massage when she had you in her belly! Boy was she excited about you! Your Daddy said he and your Mommy took a class to learn how to massage you. Massages are a very special time to spend together. One day, when you're big enough, you can massage your Daddy back. And guess what? I have a little boy born just 3 months before you. His name is Josiah. I gave your Daddy lots of advice for when he gets to bring you home. Please remind him to take good care of himself, so he can take even better care of you. And be patient with each other. It takes time to get to know one another, but it is a wonderful journey. I just know you're going to get to go home soon and continue growing into a big, strong, beautiful baby girl. God bless you both!


  7. Darling Lily, This will be brief. Sent you a llllllllloooooooong note the other day and it's floating somewhere on the internet,, sigh! I love you somuch and feel so close to your little heart when I cansee youand hear your words thfough your daddy.

    I am praying to Jesus every day to help your little body grow strong so you will get to "kangroo" with your daddy and Tuker at home. Patience,dear one. God is in control. You just need a little time.

    Some friends tonight will be happy to hear your news and will be praying for you, all my table-mates frommy Bible Study tonight.
    Bless you as you rest. Hugs andkisses xoxoxo auntie amanda