Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's

Hey everybody! Happy St. Patrick's day! I don't know who this Patrick guy is but Daddy tells me that his holiday is pretty fun. A bunch of the nurses here at Children's were wearing green and some were even wearing goofy things on their heads (dad called them Shamrocks). Daddy says there are other parts of the holiday that I won't be able to partake in for quite some time. But I do like the green!

So, as you can see/read, I am now at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati. I am not sure what I was so afraid of, the nurses and doctors here are great. They remind me of my friends at Good Sam they are so sweet. I will say that the unit is a LOT different than where I was before. There are more lights and Daddy says he doesn't think it is as "homey" feeling but he also says that there is a reason for that. A lot of the babies here have more serious problems than my friends back at Good Sam's NICU. But, the doctors here are EXTRA special and if anybody can do the fixin', they can.
So, you are probably wondering how my first car ride was. Well, I wish I could tell you. Fact is, I slept the entire way from Good Sam. All 1.9 miles of the trip. For the trip over, they put me in this souped-up stretcher. Daddy says it is the same kind of stretcher that they put big people on except that there is an incubator attached. Apparently, it weighs close to 500 lbs and the guy transporting me almost threw his back out getting me into the ambulance. Daddy rode in the ambulance with me and Mimi met us over at our new hospital.

They still aren't feeding me but they did start doing the studies today. Today they did what they call a contrast study. I'll spare you all the gross details but they put some stuff in my intestines that would show up on an X-ray machine and then took all kinds of pictures. It was very uncomfortable and I was NOT a happy camper. The doctor said that I was a good patient and it didn't take very long. It didn't take too long until the results came back either and they were "negative". Daddy says that this is one of those times when "negative" means "good". The doctors were looking for "strictures" in my bowel which -if found- would mean I would need surgery. Well, they didn't find anything. So, we move on to the next test which will most likely be a tube they send down my mouth to take pictures. I don't look forward to that but if that's what we have to do to figure out what is going on, that's what we have to do. The next tests will most likely take place on Thursday. The hurry up and wait game is certainly familiar territory so let's just wait and see.
Other than that, I am doing really well. The nurses just think that I am too cute. Daddy agrees of course. I weigh 5lbs 2.5ounces and am enjoying all the lovin that I am getting. Thanks for everything. Have a great day!!
Love, Lily


  1. We are so glad your car ride went well! And we hope you like your new place. We certainly love your new bed. It looks like you have some fun stuff to look at!

    Thank goodness the first test was "negative"...that is good in the medical world. We'll keep praying that whatever is going on is a simple fix!

    You keep being a "tough chick" and get home soon!

    Love to you and your Daddy!

    Sandy, Jessica, Clyde and Austin

  2. My Goodness Lily I am so sorry the first few months of your life has been so challenging. Trust me life really isn't this rough normally, as soon as you turn this corner and get squared away I am confident you will have a very stress free and poke free life other than your occasional Dr. Check. My thoughts and prayers are with you little one stay strong

  3. Wow Lily, You are such a little lady! I love the darling bow! You are already so trendy! You look like you have a special aquarium in your crib! I bet the sounds and the fishies are soothing. No worries little one...We pray that you will be home soon in your own little crib. You keep growing and putting on the pounds! We will keep the prayers coming!
    Erin, Chad, and Catherine