Saturday, March 7, 2009

You've Got To Be Kiddin' Me

It happened again! I was hours from getting to come home but then the doctors noticed that my tummy was getting distended (big and firm). So they ran a couple of X-Rays and they saw that there are "loops of bowel" in my tummy that are pretty big and they didn't feel comfortable sending me home like this. It looks like my tummy just cost me a couple of extra days in the NICU which is fine by me, I have the best nurses in the world. Daddy says it's fine by him too because I am not allowed to pull these kinds of shenanigans when I get home.

The nurses and doctors are going to run a few tests to see if this is an infection or if my tummy is just really slow at moving the formula or maybe it is something else. Who knows? They really aren't sure what it is but it looks like they caught it pretty early. I still look and act like a perfectly healthy -albeit gassy- baby girl so lets just pray that it isn't anything too serious.

Tummy issues aside, the last couple of days have been a lot of fun. All the nurses thought I was leaving so they spoiled me like crazy with love. I even got a few gifts. I got some sweet outfits and some really cute books that Daddy gets to read to me. And, I even have a few picture frames with a lot of different pictures of me. Daddy says that they are already on display around the house.

Thursday night was spa night and daddy learned how to give me a bath. Man, I love the warm water but it sure is cold when he picks me up to dry me off. I get a little fussy when he takes me out. I have my own little bathtub that is made by Rubbermaid. I guess people also use these tubs to store stuff. Hey, they make a great bath too. Anyway, Daddy did a really good job washing me and making sure no soap or water got into my eyes. It feels good to be so fresh and clean. I have spa night 2X per week; once on Tuesday and again on Thursday. Daddy says that is so I don't start to stink up the place.

Well, that is about all that I know that is new. We keep thinking that I get to come home and then something happens. But me and Daddy agree that this is God and mommy watching over me and not allowing me to come home when I am really not ready to. So, please keep me in your prayers. I know you will because you all totally ROCK!! And I hope the next time I blog, it will be all good news.

Love you all lots, Lily


  1. Oh I hope everything is ok. I remember giving Connor a bath in the Rubbermaid bathtub!! so funny!! I will be praying for you guys and stop by tomorrow while I am at work to check on her.

  2. all in due time....aint that right miss lily
    you and daddy are in our thoughts and prayers
    this just gives your daddy more time to stock up on diapers and wipes
    god bless u and daddy

  3. Hi Lily
    I've been reading your blogs and we're pulling for you Lily.
    It sounds like you are going to be home soon with your dad. And I can't wait for that to happen for you!!
    I pray for you and your daddy everyday.

    Talk with you soon.


  4. Lily,
    Tell your dad that we are thinking about him and can't wait 'til you go home! We are so excited to meet you...hopefully sometime soon.
    Love, Lizzy and Geoff