Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hey everybody! Greetings from Maid Marian. So three day weekends totally rock and so do days when Daddy only works a half day and then comes to do stuff with me for the rest of the day. We had a great Memorial Day and I even got to travel to Mimi and Papau's house. This is where not only Daddy grew up but Mimi too!! You see, Mimi and Papau live in the same house that Mimi spent her childhood years. Not to date you Mimi, but that is a long time for one house to belong to one family! And what an awesome house with some cool animals! Uncle Ian has a doggy, Lex, and he also has an Iguana named Smokey. Smokey is one interesting looking dude. Daddy says he's kinda like a dinosaur. Then there is Bliss, Mimi's kitty cat. She is really pretty but didn't really come out that much. All-in-all, Mimi and Papau's is a fun place to go.
On Tuesday, Mimi came to watch me while Daddy went to make the Benjamins (aka he went to work) and we had a rockin' good time. We read some books and took Tuck for a walk around the neighborhood. Then later in the day it was time for me to pump-it-up on the floor and get my tummy time in. You see, it is pretty important for us babies to spend some time each day on our bellies. It's how we get stronger and then eventually we learn to crawl. Well, Mimi placed me on my little belly on my little mat and ran in the kitchen to grab something real quick. And when she came back she discovered that I had magically flipped over. Yup, you can pick your jaw up off the floor, I rolled over. Mimi and Daddy have been asking me to do it again, but you know, it kinda cheapens the moment when you do it upon request. This way, I keep them both on their toes
Today (Wednesday) was a SUPER special day. Daddy worked one of those awesome half days and then came home to take me to the groundbreaking ceremony for Mommy's and Christian's memorial garden. I got to meet a lot of Mommy's coworkers and even some of her students! Daddy has always told me how much Mommy loved working as a teacher and especially working at John G. Carlisle Elementary. Now I know why!! The teachers are awesome and the kids are really cool!! They had a great ceremony that started with a couple of speeches and then some of the students sang a really sweet song about how they missed my Mommy and their friend, Christian. The song talked about the impact that Mommy and Christian had on them and was actually a song by Hannah Montana (Christian's favorite artist). Daddy said that Hannah Montana is one of the most popular musical artists for children. In his day it was the New Kids On the Block but now it's Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. But who knows who it will be when I am old enough to follow these kinds of groups. Anyway, the service was SPECTACULAR and is a beautiful start to what is going to be a gourgeous garden. I can't wait to visit with Daddy. We ended the ceremony by letting go balloons filled with seeds. Kinda like Mommy, where ever they land there will be something beautiful that grows.

Well, that's about all that is new in the lives of Daddy and me. We are just loving the great weather and getting to spend so much time together. Keep it cool and check in soon, we'll blog again in a few days.

Love You, Lily
PS Happy Birthday Mommy!! I bet God bakes a mean birthday cake. We love and miss you tremendously.


  1. Lily, thanks for coming to the groundbreaking ceremony today. You truly brightened everyone's day...especially the fourth graders. We look forward to watching you grow with the garden. My son said, his balloon landed in heaven and is growing flowers on a cloud. I think that your Mommy would like that.
    Emily, Paul, Rowan, Adam, Olive

  2. It will be a contest between Lily and the tomato plant to see who grows fastest. My money is on the little girl that can already roll over.

  3. Yeah,Lily ..Rock and ROLL!!...Mimi is sooo proud of you...and you are the prettiest flower in the garden!!
    And just were already an egg in your Mommy 29 years ago..just waiting to meet your Daddy and become you! Happy birthday to you ,too!

  4. Dear Lily's Daddy, (Sean) Hello! I know you don't me, but I am a good friend of Margot. My husband, David, and I met her when she moved to Indiana. She was very special to us! She told us about her special kids and her son and daughter-in law. I know how wonderful Marty was...from the many things she told us about her....I am so sorry about the loss of your sweet wife! I know how happy she was to have a beautiful baby girl and a truly devoted husband! I can tell by the pictures on Lily's website that you are going to be the best father a child could ever hope are so caring...I can tell in the pictures...she is always looking up at you! I know you will be able to share many fond memories of your years together with Marty...many happy times....Again, we are very sorry for your loss, but everytime you look in your sweet baby's face, you will see your beautiful wife, Marty. David and Suellen Snyder (Corydon, IN)