Sunday, May 3, 2009

Crazy Busy

Happy Sunday everybody!! Man, I have been crazy busy the last few days and haven't had any time to blog. The weekend went by soo fast that I don't even know where to start. Oh I know, I can talk about how the weather man has absolutely nooo idea what he is talking about. It was supposed to rain all weekend and instead we got mild and often sunny weather. Daddy says that if I want job security, you can't go wrong with being a meteorologist. All I have to do is be partly right, half of the time. Anyway, since the weather people were so wrong, we took a walk around our neighborhood and I got to meet my cousin, Elizabeth, because they live in our neighborhood. It was awesome to get to see them and I look forward to walking by there house to say "hi" over the summer.

Friday was incredible!! First, my Aunt Katie and Aunt Cyndi came to kick it with me in the late morning/early afternoon. We did the usual. You know....cuddled. Daddy says for being someone who sleeps most of the time that I have visitors, that I do a great job entertaining my guests. Daddy says that it is a good thing that I get my naps in because they are helping me grow big and strong.
My afternoon on Friday was aaawwweessooommee! Two of my nurses from Good Sam came over for lunch and to hang out with me and to see Daddy too. Daddy and I were super excited to see both Brooke and Melanie and they were crazy excited to see me and how big I have gotten. Man, once they got here Daddy took a back seat and didn't have to worry about a thing. They fed me, changed my diaper, played with me and best of all, we got to love on eachother. I really miss them and hope that we stay in touch. I bet not too many kids are as lucky as me and have nurses that keep in touch much less bring them presents. Yea, not only did they come to hang but they also brought me a pretty pink blanket with my name embroidered on it. Gosh, when I am like the luckiest kid ever! Thanks ladies, you really rock.
Yesterday (Saturday), Daddy invited over all the people who will be babysitting me when he has to go back to work. It really stinks that he has to go back but my babysitters are like the coolest and sweetest bunch of people, EVER!! So, since I can't go to work with Daddy at least I am gonna be home having an awesome time with my new friends. Daddy said that he wanted to have them over so they could meet me and we could get to know one another. That was a great idea and I got to snuggle with a few of them. It's super-duper cool because Daddy is making sure that the people taking care of me are either family or really good family friends. Gosh, I think that is gonna be awesome because I am gonna get super close with these individuals. I love them soo much.
Pretty busy weekend, right? Well today was super busy too. Daddy and Mimi McHugh went to church in the morning so Poppy and Mamaw came to watch me. I really like hanging with them. Daddy says that Mommy had a great relationship with her Poppy and Grandma too and that he knows that I am gonna have a super strong bond with mine too. Daddy says that I never got to meet my Great Poppy but that he was a great man and that he, my great grandma and Mommy are up in heaven having a great time together. He says that if there is a country club in heaven, Mommy, Great Poppy and Grandma are probably sitting down for dinner together. Mommy eating some sort of healthy food, Poppy ordering the hottest coffee available and Great Grandma eating her chicken fingers. Sounds like a great place to me.

Daddy and I had another lunch date. This time Daddy's swimming buddy came over with his girlfriend. Either I am just the best napper and snuggler on the planet or Daddy's friends have all taken lessons on how to cuddle. I haven't met a single one who doesn't take naturally to holding me.

To top off the weekend, we had dinner with the whole family at Uncle Grady and Aunt Cyndi's house. I am soo excited because I finally got to meet my Uncle Ben and his girlfriend, Angela (who I really got along with), Aunt Judy and Uncle Matt and then best of all I got to meet my cousins, Ella and Conner! They are only a little bit older than me and we are gonna be super close as the years go by. Daddy says that there are quite a few more people to meet on that side of the family. I can't wait.

As for how the adjustment to being home has gone, Daddy and Mimi say that I am doing great. I sleep for 4 hours between feeds at night and my belly has been doing good (knock on wood). I also finally got to meet Tucker. Man, he is ginormous!! But he is like the sweetest teddy bear ever. He likes to cuddle with Daddy just like I do and we get some great cuddling time together. Daddy says that Tuck is going to be a great protector and an even better playmate for me. Cool!

Well, that's about it. Pheww, I am exhausted!! I've gotta get to bed. I will blog with you soon. Have a great week!!

Love You, Lily


  1. Lily you are quite the toast of the town!! Sounds like you are adjusting very well, just as we all knew you would.

    I hope that your cousin Chuck and I get to meet you very soon... I am excited and look forward to cuddling with you also..

    Keep napping and growing and eating and growing!! You are doing so well. Give your daddy a big hug from us too.

    Love you Lily dear!!
    The Kellers

  2. Lily, My Lily's are in bloom by the lake for you and your Mom and Dad. This blog is the best Mom's Day gift ever! We love you all so much! Gribby and Tub

  3. My dearest Lily,
    It is such a blessing to see you and your Daddy at home with a big smile, surrounded by loving friends and your special pal Tucker,too. isure wish i could be ther to hold you, but our time will come.
    Always remember you are my special girl's special girlie .Your Mommy grew inside of me and you grew inside of her and we three are connected in a very special way. So really we are together all the time!!!
    I pray for you and sing to you every night , just like Ella and listen when you go to sleep and you will hear me and your Mom singing together. We may not always remember the words, but we mean it with all our heart.
    Good night, Lily Ann, sweet dreams
    Love Mimi 2