Monday, May 18, 2009


Hey everybody!! I know, I know, we haven't sent a new post in almost a week. But with Daddy back to work, we don't get as much time together as we would like. So we have to get some serious lovin' in when he gets home and before I have to get to bed. We're doing a pretty good job at that and as the blog title says, we're just groovin.

We have been pretty busy lately. My Florida Papau was in town for about a week and we got to hang out a little bit. We don't see him very often since he lives in Florida and it was good to hang with him for a bit. He promises to come back in September so we are excited about that. See you then Papau!!

This weekend was busy as always. Daddy had to do this thing he called "errand running" and he took me with him on the adventure!! There were four stops. Well, there were supposed to be four stops but there were actually five. First stop was the bank where Daddy used to work. Actually, Daddy says that the bank is where our story as a family begins because that is where he and Mommy met. Daddy, you aren't supposed to hit on the clientele but since it worked out so well this time (ie You and Mommy falling in love and having Me) we'll give you a pass. Daddy's old coworker, Judy, was at the bank and was soo excited to see us. I can see why Daddy loved working there. The people there are just soo nice.

After the bank Daddy and I headed to the phone store and then to the Tuxedo place so Daddy could be fitted for a -yup, you guessed it- tuxedo. Uncle Josh is getting married in September and he asked Daddy to be in the wedding. It would have been nice if Daddy remembered which tuxedo shop to go to because the first one was not it. But they were nice about it and wrote down Daddy's measurements so all we had to do was drop off the paper to the correct shop. All the people helping us were great and Daddy says it's because he had sch a beautiful sidekick. I think he's right. Our last stop was this place called Toys-R-Us. That place ROCKS!!! Man, there are all kinds of toys and gadgets there. Not to mention, they have more cute clothes than I could ever wear. But Daddy made sure to tell me that we were there to get just one thing, a mobile., and that we aren't just gonna shop to shop. And oh what a mobile we got!! This thing is seriously rad. After all this, I was exhausted. We went home and snuggled with Tucker for the rest of the afternoon.

Yesterday was pretty sweet. I hung out with Grandma and Poppy in the morning while Mimi and Daddy went to church and then hung with Daddy and Mimi when they returned. One of Mommy and Daddy's friends from church swung by to see me with her daughter, Kiera. Kiera is almost 1 year old and even though we didn't get to play on Sunday, we are gonna be great buddies. Sunday was also family dinner day at Grandma and Poppy's. I love these dinners because I get some seriously good snuggle time in. My cousin Elizabeth even got to hold me after she sanitized her hands. Man, she is a natural (see pic above).

Well, after that crazy weekend Daddy and I came home and crashed hard. I woke up at 10pm just to eat and then slept until 4am and then slept again until 7am. Daddy was ecstatic! This sleeping thing is helping me grow tons and the hair continues to come in. Daddy thinks I am gonna be a brunette just like Mommy. We shall see.

I have a doctor appointment Wednesday and will find out how big I am getting. I am really looking forward to seeing how much I weigh. Daddy is thinking that I weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 9lbs 4oz. I am not so sure. One stinky thing, I have to get shots on Wednesday. I don't look forward to that so please say a little prayer that they don't hurt so bad.

Well, that's about it. We'll blog to you soon and until then, keep on rockin'!

Love you guys, Lily

P.S. Tucker and I make a great pair, don't you think?!


  1. This is a funny and heart warming blog that I love. And we love you and Daddy and Tucker so much. Libby

  2. Good boy , Tucker, sweet girl, Lily
    Peace and love to Daddy, Mimi and Uncle Ian...Here's to sleeping through the night!!!! Prayers and kisses, Mimi2

  3. Lily, Thank you for letting me hold you. It felt so good to snuggle with you. I love you so much and can't wait till we can play together. Love, Elizabeth