Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh My Goodness

Hey everybody!! I hope this blog finds you well and enjoying all the warmth and freshness that Spring brings. Before I tell you all the incredible story of the picture above, I wanted to mention something really special that we did on Mother's Day. I must have been super tired from the busy day and just plum forgot to blog about it. I can't believe I did that. Sorry.

So, you already know that Aunt Jocelyn brought over her crazy bunch for our Mother's Day cookout. Well, my Aunt Pitter was also here and she brought with her a whole bunch of lillies to plant in the yard. So, before we had our cookout the whole team prepared a special corner in the yard to place our new beautiful flowers. Paige helped cut the ivy. Hunter, Mimi and Tucker (our dog) were in charge of pulling the ivy out. Tyler was in charge of aircaring helpless worms and bugs out of harm's way while Daddy and Pitter dug holes in the ground for the plants. And me, you might ask. Well, I was in charge of looking cute and overseeing the job. Daddy says I did great. And the garden, boy-oh-boy, it looks fantastic!! Big thanks to Aunt Pitter.

OK, so you probably opened up the blog page and said "Hey, did I miss something or is it already Christmas?!?!" Not to worry, you didn't miss anything and Christmas is still a ways off. Daddy just happens to work with some of the most AMAZING people on the planet and they are raising some of the COOLEST kids EVER!! Daddy went to his office the other day and when he got there he found three big boxes full of stuff. Baby stuff!! For me!!

You see, Daddy works with this really nice lady, Jillian. She lives and works in Virginia but with modern technology (ie computers like the one I blog on) it's possible for her and Daddy to work together. Anyway, back to this cool story. Jillian's daughter, Lindy, recently had a birthday party and instead of gifts for herself, she had their friends and family bring stuff for Daddy and me. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!?! Lindy and crew, you all get the Rockstars of the Year Award, hands down.
They sent all kinds of amazing stuff. I received a few really cool books like "Fancy Nancy" "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See" and even two that play music while you read. I have already had Daddy read a few of them to me. Love 'em! I was also given a few CDs that Daddy and I can rock out to at home and in the car. Daddy may not have the best singing voice but we are gonna have some serious fun with these. And if that weren't enough, the boxes had all kinds of diapers and gift cards in them. Crazy!! Lindy, you have some seriously amazing friends in the Perschetz, the Porratas, Sherlock, Robertson, Schmincke, and Snyder families. I wanted to send a special shout out to Annabel (who is only 1 week older than me and shares the same appreciation for "boob juice"), thanks for the sweet letter. And if you were at the party and Daddy couldn't make out your name on the card, know that you too are totally rad in my humble albeit biased opinion.
So, that's the story behind that ginormous pile of great stuff. Lindy, my Daddy and I are amazed at your generosity. It takes a special person to say "Hey, I know it's my birthday but I don't want you to bring me gifts. Bring gifts for this girl that I have never met." Daddy says that everybody could take a lesson from you and that your parents should be proud. People like you and your parents make this world a beatiful place. I hope that our paths cross in the future and that we get to meet sometime. I am one super lucky girl to have friends all over the country!! Thanks y'all.

It's been a while since I gave you an update on how I was doing, medically. Well, I am doing pretty good and Daddy says I am growing like a weed. If he were to guess, he would say that I weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 8lbs 12oz to 9lbs and my length is around 20inches long. Not too shabby for a preemie! And as for the tummy stuff, I still get gassy from time to time but Daddy says that this is just normal baby stuff. I certainly don't seem to have a problem filling my diapers (if you know what I mean). The other day I was laying on Daddy's lap and had to go real bad. Daddy says that it reminded him from a scene out of an old movie called, Dumb and Dumber. I guess I'll have to watch it when I get older to see what he is talking about but he said you would know what he is referring to. All I know is that my tummy is feeling much better and I am loving being at home.

This week is the first week when Daddy has gone back to work. He is only going in for half days right now and I get to hang with my awesome caregivers in the afternoon. Monday, I was with Mimi McHugh. Yesterday, I was with Alison and her daughter, Gwyn. You know we had a great time. Today, I'll be kickin it with Poppy and Aunt Katie and the rest of the week will be spent with Mimi McHugh, Aunt Cyndi and Aunt Juli. Daddy says he was suprised at how hard it is to be at work and away from me. Duh! I could have told him it was gonna be tough. I mean, what would you rather do? Deal with pharmacy contract stuff? Zzzzzz..... OR Hang with your daughter? That's what I thought. But, Daddy has to work so that we have the things we need. We just make the most of the time we have together. So, I am gonna get to doing that. I'll blog again soon. You all rock my world!!

Love, Lily


  1. Oh LILY! you look so adorable!!! look at those chins!! I think I see 3 of them on that photo..
    And what wonderful friends your dad has.. then that does not surprise me, your dad is one cool dude! Kind of watched him grow up and he turned out pretty darn good I have to say.

    I am so excited to meet you and I think your cousin Chuck and I will have some lovely plants to add to your garden. We will get over to see you soon.

    What a blessing you are my dear girl.. can't wait to hold you and love on you!!

    Kisses and hugs,
    The Kellers

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  3. My sweet Lily Ann, your beautiful smile says it all..and I see you are holding your rattle! You are growing up so fast....sending hugs and kisses to you, your Daddy and your Mimi1. I love you, Mimi2

  4. I loved your mother's day story!!! I'm sure the lillies will bloom and be as beautiful as you are!

    You look adorable with all of your gifts and I agree, Jillian is awesome! Her daughters are so caring and we are lucky enough to be neighbors and to have heard your special story. Enjoy all of your new gifts!!

    Jodi Perschetz

  5. Hi Lily,

    I'm so glad that I have such awesome friends, neighbors, and family who came to my 4th birthday party and honored you with their kindness and generosity.

    I was grinning from ear to ear when my Mommy and sister, Addie, read your blog page to me. I'm sure that you would have done the exact same thing for me, if not more.

    My Mommy said that if I have a little sister, she would be about your age since my parents like the 4-year break in between kids. I though that it's a pretty cool idea to have a little sister who is spunky like you. Mommy told Daddy that it's too bad that they can't have anymore kids. Otherwise, she would totally have one and share the "B.juice" with you. Talk about you and Annabel liking the thing. My Mommy said that she could not get me to stop. I was 13 months before I was weaned off.

    Anyway, I'm sure we will see each other in the future. Mommy said that any time you all pass through VA, you just stop on by and meet our great friends and neighbors. I was told that my Mommy is a pretty good cook. I wouldn't know since I don't like anything green and I'm a chicken nugget type of girl (for now anyway). But I like her desserts the most. We don't talk about the "D" word much but since my Daddy is crazy for sweets, we discuss it among ourselves, not in front of Mommy. Our friends said that it is strange that a dentist would love sweets as much as he does but he does...and my sister and I are with him. My Auntie LeAnn said that we're in the "zone" when we eat sweets. She has never seen anyone who enjoys sweets as much as the three of us.

    Thanks for giving me such a great birthday gift with your kind words. I think you and your Daddy are very special too.

    Love ya.