Monday, June 1, 2009

Gotcha Dad!!

Hey everybody, what's shakin'?! Daddy and I had another awesome weekend that started off with Daddy taking a half-day at work so he could take me to the doctor's office. This was our visit to Dr. Meyer, the cardiologist. He is an awesome doctor and a super sweet man. Daddy says that he was mommy's doctor too and that he took fantastic care of her. Now, don't you all go getting worried on me just because I went to the cardiologist. Everything with me is fine, they just wanted to check up on me since mommy had such a special heart. In fact, things are great with me and I now weigh 10lbs 4oz. It was pretty crazy what they did, they stuck all these cords on me and they measured my heart beats. The whole test took all of 1 minute. Then doctor Meyer listened to my "ticker" and said it tick-tocks just perfectly. So, I don't have to go back to him for another year though I am sure Daddy and I will stop by to say "hi"whenever we are at Children's for my other appointments.

On Saturday, Daddy took me and Tuck over to Mimi and Papau's so they could watch me while he went out on his bike. Man, it's crazy at that house when Tuck and Lex (Uncle Ian's pooch) play around but they know they can't play rough around me. Daddy came back after a long ride and we just chilled for a little while before going home for the kinda low key night that Daddy and I love. But my tummy was aching a bit and I was a little crabby on account of it not feeling good. So,we were watching a movie, Daddy was massaging my tummy and then it happened. My tummy let out a HUGE rumble and I just had to go. So, I went.....and blew out the diaper and covered Daddy's shirt with you-know-what!! Ooopps...heehee. I have to say that Daddy handled gettin poo'd on really well. He just took me over to my pack-n-play and got me cleaned up and then took his laundry downstairs so it could be decontaminated. It may be gross, but I sure felt better afterward. I slept pretty well that night.

Sunday was crazy busy for Daddy and me. My bestest buddy Gwyn had her first birthday party and Daddy and I had to run to get her a present so Daddy took me with him to the book store to pick out a gift for Gwynee. That place ROCKED! I thought I had a lot of books until we went there. Daddy and I could spend a month there and only scratch the surface of the great books that are there. Daddy promised that we'll go back someday and that I can pick a book out just for me.
We went straight from the bookstore to the party. The weather was great so we got to hang out outside for a little bit but mostly, I hung out with Gwyn's mommy, Alison. She is like the best baby holder ever (she's got a lot of practice). I really liked going to the party and seeing Gwyn's house and meeting her other friends. Their house is where Daddy is going to take me somedays when he goes to work. I think that will be soo fun to get to hang out with Gwyn and play with her toys together. I can't wait.

We just kept on running around Sunday and finished the day with swinging by the house to pick up Tucker and head over to Mimi and Papau's for a grillout with the whole family. That was a lot of fun but boy was I worn out. I got pretty cranky with the long day and I went to sleep half way through eating my dinner. And guess what?! I slept from 9:30 to 6:30am the next morning. Daddy said if I stayed up longer I would have more to blog about but I say a lady needs her sleep. Daddy didn't know what to do with all the sleep he had gotten and is hoping that I make a habit out of this new development. We'll see.
Well, I hope everything is rockin for you. We'll blog again real soon.


  1. Hey Lily, you sure make me smile! I really like how you are staying so still for your EKG. I see your Dad put on a BIG diaper..just incase of "you know what"!!
    I Love you. Mimi 2

  2. Lily you are soooooo cute!! love the smile in the top photo and looks like several chins I see there too!

    Your mommy is doing a wonderful job watching over you I know and how proud she must be of you and your daddy.. God bless you both.

    Hope to meet you soon!

    Love always,
    The Kellers

  3. Hey Lily! Sounds like you are doing well! I'm so proud of you. Dr. Meyer is a great doctor! I'm glad you got to meet him. Your mommy and I both used to see him for our special hearts when we were little and he is super cool!
    So glad to hear you are doing great! Keep that huge smile on your face-it is BEAUTIFUL!!
    Love always!!
    Katie Townsend :)

  4. Lily:
    Glad to hear that your heart tests went so well. Your mommy had a VERY special heart and that's why so many people loved her so much! I bet she had a good chuckle in heaven when you had your accident on daddy! You keep filling those diapers and don't worry about daddy's clothes. Keep smiling! Give your daddy a big hug for us. Hope to see you soon! Love you Lily, the Stachlers

  5. Lily,
    You sure look like your mommy!! She was a beautiful lady, so you are one lucky gal! I love hearing about everything you can do and seeing all your photos. Keep up the good work (eatin', growin', poopin').
    -Laurie Hastings