Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Adventures

Happy Thursday everybody!! Man the week is flying by and I can not wait for the weekend so that Daddy and I can spend some seriously awesome quality time together. I am gonna give you all a quick update on what we've been up to and then get to your questions because you all have asked some great ones!! I knew you would!
Last Sunday was awesome! I hung out with Grandma and Poppy in the morning while Daddy went to church and then Tucker and I went over to Mimi's for just a little bit so Daddy could get in one of his bike rides. I have to say, I have got the cooollleesstt grandparents in the whole wide universe!! Aren't grandparents the best!?! Anyhow, Daddy came to pick Tuck and I up and told us he had a surprise adventure to take us on but that we had to drive to get there. He wouldn't give us any clues and the suspense was killing us for the whole 20 minute car ride there. Uncle Ian, Amanda and Lex (Ian's dog) were following us so I thought that whatever we were doing involved our best four legged friends. Well, it sure did. We went to the dog park!! This place is totally rad. There are dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors there. Come to think of it, there are people of all shapes, sizes and colors there too. It was really fun watching all the dogs run around. Man, is Tucker fast when he gets going. There was only one downer to the whole adventure, it was drizzling a bit. And then, with one huge gust of wind, it was like the heavens opened up and poured out buckets of water. Daddy yelled for Tuck, we got the dogs on their leashes and made a run for the car. By the time we got there Tuck and Daddy were soaked. Me, I was dry as can be since my stroller has a waterproof canopy. So, our adventure was cut short but Daddy says that's what's so fun about adventures; you never know how they will turn out. Oh yea, Tucker has the coolest way of drying off. He jumps in the car and shakes his whole body. Water flies everywhere!! Daddy was not as excited about this as I was but he still got a good giggle out of it.

The rest of that night and week has been pretty chill. Daddy and I just kick it around the house most nights and take Tuck for walks when the weather permits.

The coolest thing about this week is that I got to go to Alison and Gwyn's house while Daddy went to work. I can't tell you how much fun we are having there. Gwyn is one cool and sweet chica and her mom totally rocks. I can see why Mommy and Daddy love her so. Aunt Jess lives close by to Alison and Gwyn so for the last couple of days we have been having play dates with all the kids. It's pretty cool being a kid. I am always so happy to see Daddy at the end of the day and he is so happy to see me. He says he looks forward to picking me up the moment he walks in the door. We make a good team.

OK, so you all have asked some really great questions and I am going to do my best to answer them. My favorite color right now would have to be pink. It seems like half my clothes, dresses and sleepers are pink. It's a gender thing. But then again, Daddy has a whole bunch of pink shirts. We match every once in a while and people give Daddy a hard time. It's pretty funny.

My favorite animal has to be Tucker. He is a great cuddler as you can see in one of the earlier photos. Not to mention, he is super cute. But right after Tucker, my favorite animal is frogs. I am just like my mommy in that regard. I actually sleep with her old froggy, Ribbit. Ribbit was the first gift Daddy ever bought Mommy and Daddy built Ribbit with his own hands. That's pretty special if you ask me. And two of my Wubbanubs are frogs, so you can see why I like them soo much.

As for books, I am the owner of a small children's library. I have soo many books that Daddy struggles picking out ones to read to me. I do have a couple Shel Silverstein books but the only one Daddy saw up in my room was "Where the Sidewalk Ends". He says it will be a little while before he reads me that but we have read "The Giving Tree" before. They had that in the NICU in both English and Spanish. Daddy stuck with the English version. I do not think that we actually own it though.

Hey Carson!! Thanks for asking such great questions and be sure to thank your Daddy for serving our country. My Daddy says that the greatest gift anyone can give is that of serving and that soldiers serve in an especially dangerous but important role. You should be super prod of your brave Daddy. My Daddy and I don't watch too much TV and when we do it is either the news, ZZzzz....., or Nature on PBS. You see, we don't have cable and we enjoy listening to music instead of watching TV. And since Daddy spends most of the day at work we tend to play until I eat or go to sleep.
We have spent some time talking about traveling. Daddy has always loved to travel and he tells me that he can't wait to take me to see the world with him . But we'll start out slow. First, we have to get the green light from the docs and we haven't done that yet. Our trips this summer will more than likely be short ones. We have a lot of friends in Chicago, so we may start there. We do have family in Florida and both sides of the family has property near the beach. We aren't sure when we will make it there but I look forward to seeing the ocean. Then, when I get older, Daddy says that we will be making trips out west to the mountains to go skiing and hiking and stuff. It sounds pretty cold but totally awesome. We will just have to wait though until I get big enough. Daddy says I should probably learn to walk first. Details... But we also have family in Arkansas that I absolutely HAVE to go meet. I hope to do that sooner rather than later. And then, once we condition ourselves to traveling within the states, we hope to someday go international. Daddy says South Africa is beautiful and that hopefully someday we can go to Ireland and see where Mommy studied. We'll have to see.

As for my features, Daddy says that I have a lot of Mommy's features but that he isn't sure if that is influenced by the fact that he looks for them in me. But, nonetheless, I do have Mommy's vibrant eyes and cute nose. My eyes are the same color as Daddy's but they are big and full of life like my Mommy's. And then there is my chin. Without a doubt, I got that from Mommy. I think my favorite features are my fingers. They are soo tiny and cute and oh so yummy!!

Tucker has adjusted great. He is like my bestest buddy after Dad and he is a great protector. He has his own little couch in the front room where he watches people outside. And when they walk by, he let's them know he's there. But with me, he is like the most gentle baby in the whole wide world.

Wow, that Q and A session was great. Keep the questions coming. We'll keep giving you updates on what's shaking in Lilyland. I am gonna go get some sleep. Big day tomorrow. I have the Occupational Therapist coming to the house to work with me. Not to worry, this is normal stuff for preemies. Basically, they come and work with me so that I close the "gap" between me and the full-term babies with my same birthday. It won't be long, Daddy says, before I catch up and then pass them. Stay tuned.

Much love to you all,



  1. Hi, Lily!
    Thanks for the update and the great pictures! You are just getting cuter and cuter - is it possible?
    I'm curious about any other therapies you are getting. Are you working with Early Intervention? My sweet Becca, who was a tiny, tiny, tiny preemie gets physical therapy once a week and developmental therapy once a week. She loves it - more people to play with her and help her "catch up", as they say. Becca is turning 1 this weekend - you little ones sure do grow up fast! (I think you might actually be bigger than her, too - she's just over 12 pounds!)
    Keep up the great work - you are so strong!

  2. Lily,

    You are just the sweetest little bean! I love your new picture and how you just glow for the camera :-)

    I am so glad my friend Jill works with your daddy because otherwise, i would never have heard your story! Your updates make me smile and I'm glad you are doing well.

    I have 3 little girls and they love to look at your pictures too!


  3. Lily,
    You are the poster for CUTE!
    Love your new photos chilling on your
    Lily Pad!

  4. Happy Father's Day to the best
    Father/Daughter duo!!!