Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daddy's Day and Some Other Stuff

Hey there!! I hope that your week is going swell. Ours has been pretty darn good but boy is it hot here in Cincinnati!! Daddy says that's the way summer goes here and that someday soon he might even take me to this place called "the pool". Apparently, it's a place where you go to cool off and play around in the water. Sounds fun to me and I will actually get to wear those swimsuits that are hanging up in my closet.

So, last time we blogged I mentioned our failed attempt at the dog park. What a funny disaster that turned out to be. Well, last Saturday turned out to be a MUCH nicer day and we finally got to go let Tuck run around. We went with Ian, Amanda and Maddie and had a blast! That place is great and the dogs there are all really nice to eachother. Some of them even like to make other dogs give them piggy-back rides. It's pretty funny to watch because when they do this, their owners go all crazy and yell at them to stop. Uncle Ian's dog, Lex, is particularly fond of asking other dogs for a piggy-back ride. It drives Uncle Ian bonkers.

As you all know, Sunday was Father's Day and I got to spend the whole day with Daddy. We went and sat with Mommy for a little bit and Daddy gave her the download on all the news with me. It's a very nice and quiet place so we just sat there for a bit enjoying the morning. We said see-you-later to Mommy and headed off to Mimi's for a Father's Day lunch. It was there that I presented Daddy with my gift to him. I got him a few really great pictures in really nice frames. They now sit prominently on his desk at work. They are wonderful pictures. Mommy and Daddy's friend Jewel came over with a friend of hers and took these photos of me when Daddy was at work. We had to keep it on the "down-low" so Daddy wouldn't find out and ruin the surprise. Daddy said that this is something that Mommy would have done. I also gave him a picture that I had taken at Aunt Alison's and that one we put in an awesome picture frame we made with my footprints on them. That one sits in our kitchen. Later on that night we went to G'ma and Poppy's house for dinner. Everyone was there! We gave Poppy a really cute picture of me and a nice card. He really liked it. What a great day!

The rest of the week has been pretty uneventful. I am loving my schedule. I get to spend Mondays with Poppy, Tuesdays and Wednesdays with Alison, Gwyn, Jess, Ella and Conner, and then Thursdays and Fridays I spend with Mimi. I do miss my other sitters and hope to see them soon.

Oh yea, before I go to bed, my assessment with the "Help Me Grow" program went well on Friday. They will be setting up a schedule where they will come out to the house to work with me on building strength and range of motion. They will also help me with developing certain skills. This is going to help me catch up with my peers so that pretty soon, you won't even know I am a preemie.

Well, it's off to bed. A girl has got to get her beauty sleep you know. Hope to hear from you all soon. We'll be bloggin....

Love always,



  1. Lily,
    You just broke the "cute" record!
    Your new photos are adorable.
    Love you,

  2. You are glowing in your photos Lily! Your smile is a light from Heaven, it is your mommy shining on through you...

    Keep growing and getting stronger.. hope to meet you very soon!

    Love you,

    Mary Lou and Chuck.