Thursday, June 11, 2009

Doin Good

Hey everybody!! Well, we are having a great week so far and even though the weather hasn't been all that great me and Daddy still manage to have a lot of fun. My new favorite thing to do is play on my playmat and look at all the dangly things. This one thing is super cool, Daddy calls it a "mirror". And man, that little girl who lives in the mirror-world sure is cute. She likes to do all the things I do. It's crazy! I could watch her for hours.

Oh, I forgot to tell you my newest trick I like to play on Daddy. So, Daddy has to go to work during the weekdays and he dresses up all fancy for it. Usually Daddy wakes me up in the morning to feed me after he has already gotten ready for work. He looks and smells good and is all ready to go to work when my caregiver gets to the house. We finish breakfast and I give him a few good burps but on my last one, I make sure to spit-up just a little. You know, enough so Daddy has to change his shirt. Hey, it buys me a couple of extra minutes to spend with Daddy and he doesn't seem to mind. Besides, if Daddy can get the messes a blow out leaves in my clothes out , I am sure he can wash a little milk off.

This week has been more of the usual. You know, I eat, sleep and go and Daddy reads me all kinds of stories. Except now, I can help hold my own bottle (see below). I usually help out when I get to the last couple ounces. I love all my babysitters and have been having the best of times with them. I can't wait for next week when I get to go hang with Alison and Gwyn at their house. It's gonna rock!!

We have my GI appointment tomorrow. I can't wait to see how big I am getting and to hear what my Dr. has to say about my eating. I wonder if he is gonna say I get to eat more (ie 6oz at a time). We'll see.

Before I head to bed for the night, I wanted to throw something out there. Daddy and I were talking about this blog and he was telling me about all the people he runs into that follow the blog and love it. Well, first off, thanks for following my progress. I love letting you all know what's shaking in my world. Daddy also told me that most everybody has great questions about me and Daddy that we don't always cover on our posts. So, I mentioned to Daddy that we should open this up a bit. You know, let's interact. If you have questions for us, you can post them to the comments section of the latest blog entry. Then, Daddy and I can respond to your questions on the next entry. Daddy thought it was a great idea. He also says there are no stupid questions and the sillier the question, the better. There could even be requests, like more video (not as exciting now as it will be) but Daddy said he can make it happen. Well, let us know what you think. I am gonna go get some sleep for my big appointment tomorrow.

Love you all,

Lily Ann


  1. Lily - look at you holding your own bottle! I'm so proud of you. I pray for you every day little one!


  2. Hi Lily,

    I've been missing you like crazy!!! The last time I saw you was at the Ground-breaking ceremony down at John G Carlisle for the Carr-Collins Memorial Garden and since then Gwyn got sick so I couldn't make it on my day to watch you and then I had to finish my school year and your daddy also gave me a week off to enjoy with just Gwyn. I am going to be amazed at how big you've grown! Well, we have been getting our house ready for you :) Gwyn and I can't wait to have you over to our house - it's going to be so much fun! I had to dig out lots of Gwyn's toys for you - playmat, swing, etc. There are lots of frog things, which I'm sure you'll appreciate!

    I can't believe how amazing you are - holding your bottle like a champ! As always, you are the cutest, most smiley little girl. Get ready because your cousins, Ella and Conner, are going to be entertaining you too. They live the street over and they are really looking forward to hanging out with you too :) We look forward to seeing you in a few days!

    I like your Daddy's idea about asking questions - what's your favorite color and animal?

    Much love XOXOXOXOXO,
    Alison, Mike and Gwyn

  3. Hello Lily! wow you are making progress in leaps and bounds!! What an amazing young lady you are..I know your momma is SO proud of you.. and of course your dad is..

    I want to get you a couple of books.. BUT I want to see if you might have them already.. soo my question is this, do you have any of the Shel Silverstein books of poetry? Do you have Giving Tree? Uncle Shel wrote the most amazing poems..

    Tell your dad to let us know if you have any AND Dad, will you and Lily come by our house in Ft. Thomas sometime to visit?? We would love to have you over!! You just let us know some good dates for you.. we are pretty much open and flexible!

    We love you guys...
    Mary Lou and Chuck

  4. Lily,
    How amazing are you little one, to be holding your bottle alresdy?!
    You are one super darling and incredible little chickadee!!!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Ben, Samantha, Benjamin and Adelaide W.

  5. Lily, I can't believe how much you are growing! You are probably more than doubled in size since I last saw you. What a big girl to hold your bottle, but you were trying to do that at times way back in the NICU @ Good Sam! I love your twinkling eyes and big grins. Say "hi" to daddy and Mimi for me. Love to all.
    Nurse Conni

  6. Hi Lily!

    My name is Carson and me and my Mommy have been following you for quite some time now. Mommy thinks you are one tough cookie! But, you said that you wanted a little interaction from your fans, so I thought I would tell you about me. I am 18 months (born December 20th, 2007) and a very active little boy! I love trains, sports and playing outside. Gosh, you cannot wait till you can play outside.... let me tell you, its a whole new world out there! My favorite TV show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I love to do the hotdog dance at the end!!! My Daddy was in the Marine Corps and just spent 10 months in Japan. But he is home now and getting out of the service. Since my Daddy was in the Marines, I was born and lived in California for about 6 months! Cool huh! Then we traveled across country and I got to see Las Vegas, Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore. Well that is enough about me... my questions for you are... What is your favorite TV show or Movie? Or do you watch TV? And where do you see yourself traveling to? I think I remember Mommy saying you have family in Florida! That sounds like fun. Has the doctor said when you can travel?

    Boy I really enjoy reading about you! You are one inspirational little girl and we love to see how fast you are growing! Keep up the good work! Talk to you soon!!

    Love, Carson

  7. Hey Lily!!!
    I cannot even believe how big you've gotten! You don't even look like the same baby that left the RCNIC.... AND you're holding your own bottles now too!! We will have to go for a walk around Lunken soon or get some coffee with your dad sometime :) You can stick to the milk though! Always thinking about you :) Tell Dad and Mimi I said hello!!
    Nurse Cayse

  8. Hi Lily! You're getting cuter and cuter everyday! I've written on here a few times. I'm one of your Aunt Alison's good friends. I'm curious who your Daddy thinks you look like? Can you tell yet what features you got from your Mom and what features from your Dad? How is your dog Tucker adjusting to having you in the house? Is he protective of you? Keep up the great blogging!