Monday, July 6, 2009


Hey friends!!! Boy do Daddy and I run around a lot in the summer. I was just looking at the last time we posted stuff and can't believe it's been soo long. Time sure does fly when you're having a blast with your daddy. All the running around makes a little girl very tired (see pic above) and pretty soon she forgets to touch base with her buddies. Sorry about that. On the plus side, I have plenty of stuff to share with you. So, without further ado....

You know how those ladies came over to the house from the "Help Me Grow" program? Well, they finally got around to writing up their report/assessment and met with Daddy today at his office. So, the bottom line is.....I rock! Daddy wasn't the least bit surprised but was still really happy to hear the good news. Basically, I am ahead of where they would expect me in the area of cognitive ability. Meaning, I am really responsive to noises (especially Daddy's voice), I interact well with people, I am super aware of my surroundings, and I can focus in on objects really good. Oh yea, and I am talking like crazy!! You grown ups call it "cooing" but to us babies, we're telling you all kinds of great stories about our day. You need to learn the lingo. The only area that they think that I need work on is my motor skills. We expected this to be the case and so the next step is scheduling for the therapists to come out to the house and help me "workout". I can't wait!! These sessions are going to help me a ton and before you know it, I'll be crawling all over the place. I think Daddy just fainted. Heehee....

This past weekend was so cool!! Daddy got off work early on Thursday and was off all day Friday!! You know what that means; we got to spend all kinds of quality time together. We went and met with Uncle Cam for coffee for a few hours. That was awesome! Then we just went home and hung out for a while. Aunt Cyndi and Uncle Grady came over and hung out in the afternoon while Daddy went out for a quick bike ride. And then to top off the day, Daddy took me to this restaurant where some of the Carr side of the family were eating. You see, we don't see that side of the family that often and one of Daddy's cousins was in town from Phoenix and wanted to visit. The only time we had available all weekend was dinner Friday night. Gosh, that restaurant was loud and cold. I was not a fan. I mean, it may be warm outside but geez, even Daddy was cold. Anyway, I am not complaining. I loved meeting that side of the family and am sure I will see them in the future.

Saturday was the 4th of July and Daddy had a swim meet nearby. He did really good against the competition but said he wished there were some better swimmers there that could have challenged him a bit more. But since it was a holiday, there weren't too many participants. The best part of the meet was the 92 year old man who was swimming. Don't get me wrong, watching him swim was a bit like watching grass grow but Daddy says he has probably lived as long as he has due to the healthy decisions he has made. If that's true, Daddy and me plan on being just as active so that we have long lives together. Pretty cool stuff.

Grandma and Poppy came and picked me up at the meet to take me to a 4th of July parade. HOLY MOLY!! This parade was like nothing I have ever seen. There was people everywhere. All dressed in red, white and blue. Some old guys in the parade were wearing really goofy hats. There were sirens and bells going off everywhere. A bunch of patriotic music being played. Candy being thrown to the kids on the sidewalks. Well, this is what Daddy tells me happened. I was asleep through the entire thing. Can you blame me? Daddy put me in the Baby Bjorn and once I nestle down in his chest, goodnight. I even slept through the guy who was dressed up as Gen. Patton and was firing blanks from a really loud machine gun on top of a Jeep. Daddy says he still doesn't know how I slept through that but was awoken by the car horn of a Ford Model-T. Well, I couldn't tell you but it was a great nap!

After the parade, Daddy took me to Mimi and Papau's house to hang. They watched me while Daddy went to a concert with Uncle Ian and some friends. Apparently, they had a great time and even found some place where they could ride a mechanical bull. I have no idea what a mechanical bull is but Daddy said that he, Uncle Ian and Maddie had a great time trying to ride it. None of them have any hope of making the mechanical rodeo circuit anytime soon but they have a great story to tell. They're crazy!

Sunday was just like the rest of the weekend. We spent it running around all of God's creation. After church, Daddy came home to get me and we went to my friend Keira's 1st birthday party. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait for my birthday! You get to smear stuff like cupcakes all over your face and people sing a funny song to you. Only 6 more months to go till I am 1. Crazy!! Daddy keeps telling me to slow down because he doesn't want to miss a thing but I can't help it. It's not like I can just stop time and besides, getting big is really cool and exciting. Everyday it's like I learn something new. And the more I grow, the more I get to eat. And we all know how much I love eating. The only problem, I don't like to stop and sometimes I throw tantrums when Daddy takes my bottle. Daddy just laughs, but I got him good this past week. Daddy pulled away my bottle and I was all kinds of mad when he was burping me. And as Daddy was laughing I decided to spit up.....right in his face. Haha!! You should have seen the look on his face. It was part shock, part eeewww, and part relief that I missed his mouth by less the a half inch. I'll get you next time, Dad.

Well, that's what is new in the world of Lily and Daddy. We just continue to have a great time with eachother and are loving the summer months. For those who are wondering how big I am, we'll find out for sure Thursday but Daddy guesses I am around 12 lbs and 23 inches long. But we'll see and will keep you posted. Keep on rockin'. We love you all more than words can say.




  1. Lily!

    You are such a funny little girl! I was wondering if you have a Jumperoo / Johnny jump up? My mom got me one and I loved it! You hang it from the ceiling and jump jump jump! It is so much fun! If you have one or something like it, I think you should post some video when you get really good at it! Cause if would make me smile seeing how much fun you are having!