Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Puppy Dog Eyes

Well, in case you all wondered how I have Daddy wrapped around my itsy-bitsy finger, check out my puppy eyes. One flash of these baby blues and Daddy melts like butter. It's great!! I am sure we'll be keeping that in mind as I grow up and find things that I want to do and Daddy says "no". I hope my puppy eyes will help my cause but am sure Daddy will develop a little resistance.
So the video was a big hit!! We will be sure to post more of those as we take them. Problem is, Mimi can't figure out Daddy's camera. Not to worry, Daddy has worked with her a little bit so that she can figure it out. Pretty soon we should have some good vids. Let's just hope Mimi remembers the lesson.
The doctor appointment with my neonatologist went great last week. Dr. Haberman couldn't believe how big I have gotten since the last time we saw eachother. I weighed in at 12lbs 6oz and am doing great developmentally. The doc says I need to really focus on bellytime and reaching out for things. This is supposed to help me learn to crawl. Crawl?! That's crazy! I am gonna get to work on that because being able to scoot about the house on my own sounds like a blast. Oh!! Dr. Haberman also said that I can start eating either rice cereal or baby food really soon. Like in the next couple of weeks, soon. That's awesome!! Watch out Daddy, I hear that when I get to eat that stuff that my "product" takes on a whole new form. The baby food is gonna be delish!!
This past weekend, Daddy went to the wedding of one of Mommy's good childhood friends so I got to spend the day with Aunt Juli. Guess what we did! We went to the "tall people reunion"!! Well, Poppy calls it the Tall People Reunion partly because his side of the family is not as vertically blessed as Gramma's. Holy Moly!! I met a ton of new people and we all had a blast. There were contests and games. The weather was spectacular! And by the end of the day I was pooped. I slept so well that night when I got home with Daddy.
All-in-all, things are going really good for me and Daddy. We continue to take Tuck to the dog park on the weekends. We have date night every Friday. We also work on my skills a bunch. Daddy continues to read me all kinds of books. I love storytime soo much and Daddy is getting soo much better at making funny voices for the different characters.
Hey Conner!! You asked me a while back if I have some of those jumpy things to play in. The answer is no I don't. Not because I wouldn't love to bounce and scoot around but because the docs say that they really aren't good for babies like me who were born really early. So, Daddy isn't taking any chances and said I can't have one. Not even my puppy eyes would work on this one.
Well, I am off to get my beauty sleep. You all are incredible and Daddy and I love you soo much. Keep on rockin and we'll keep on bloggin.
Love Always,


  1. I'd fall for those beautiful baby blues every time, Georgeous! Keep up the good work. I love hearing your stories:)

  2. How can Daddy possibly resist Lily??? You know how to use those big blue eyes... wait until you can start batting your lashes!!

    {{hugs}} and kisses little one..


  3. Lily - how do you get more beautiful every time? It's awesome. I love your updates.
    Ms. Stef

  4. Lily we had the honor of meeting you at the "tall people's" reunion and Grandma Janice's second cousin Meaghan just adored spending time with you. We hope you can attend next July and maybe we'll see you in Florida at Grandma & Poppa's in the spring. XOXO The O'Connor's (Tim, Cynthia, Meaghan & Daniel)

  5. Ask Daddy to get from Grandma or Aunt Juli the Winkflash link that will give him access to some great pictures of you at your first Tall People's reunion. There are some wonderful pics. on it.