Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Gift of Gab

Hey friends!! How do you like the video?! Daddy says that I am quite the talker and that he's never been more happy to wake up as when he hears me talking through the monitor. He calls it the "Gift of Gab" and says that Mommy was very gifted. You see, when I wake up in the morning I typically don't make much of a fuss, I just lay there and look at my mobile. Sometimes I just sing some songs or talk to the animals hanging from my mobile and I guess this is what wakes Daddy up. I get soo excited when I see him come in my room and I flash him my gigantic smile. He loves it!!

Since the last time we blogged, I have had some pretty cool stuff happen. Like yesterday (Monday) I was hanging out with Poppy and doing my tummy time when all of a sudden instead of looking at the floor I was on my back looking at the ceiling. Yup, that's right! I rolled over and even better, I have an eyewitness in Poppy. I thought it was soo cool that I decided to do it once more. Poppy was soo excited that he called Daddy at work to tell him the news. Daddy was really happy about the rolls but later that night when he asked me to do it again, I just wasn;t in the mood. I mean, you don't want to cheapen the moment by doing it upon request. Besides, I am not a dog for crying out loud (no offense Tuck). I am sure I will do it again soon and Daddy will be around to see it.

This past weekend Daddy and I both had colds. Daddy got it worse than me but still, these things are no fun. I mean, this slimy gunk is all up in my nose making it hard to breathe. The doctors gave me nasal drips and Daddy used the "boogie sucker" to make things better. It didn't take long for me to shake the cold and am feeling all better now. The humidifier sure helped. It's really cool and is shaped like a frog. Too cute.

This week has been a little different than most weeks because Mimi is on vacation in Florida and Aunt Alison is working at a reading clinic for kids. That means that I get some different folks that watch me. Like today, Jenni watched me. Jenni is Daddy's best-friend MJ's little sister. She really isn't little anymore but Daddy says once you're a little sister, you are always a little sister. Anyway, Jenni and I had a great time today and she is watching me tomorrow too. Can't wait!! Thursday I get to hang with Aunt Katie for half the day and then Daddy is coming home to take me to the Dr.'s. This appointment is my follow-up at Children's with the neonatology group. I can't wait to see Dr. Haberman. She's soo nice and is gonna just go crazy when she sees how big I have gotten. I am over 12lbs 4 oz if you can believe it.

Well, I am gonna go get my beauty sleep so that Jenni and I can play a lot tomorrow. I hope everyone is doing well. Mimi/Alison, I miss you guys tons!!! Hope you are having a great week. Please give Gwyn a hug and kiss for me, will you Alison? OK, sleepy time.

Love you all!! Keep on Rockin',



  1. Hi, I was your mom's friend from the first school she taught at, Delshire! I have been following your blog since you have been born. I was so happy to see you gabbing just like your mommy. I am so happy you are growing and doing so wonderfully!!

  2. Lily Ann, Mimi 2 is sooo proud of you. You make such beautiful sounds! Tell your Daddy and Aunt Al thank you so much for making this recording so i can listen to you again and again. When I get to come see you we can sing together like I did with your Mommy.
    I love you Lily, your Mimi 2

  3. Lily! You are a motor mouth and that is FANTASTIC!!!! Keep on gabbin' girl!

    The Wiesner Family

  4. Lily-I hope your daddy and Aunt Al keep posting these videos! It made me laugh and cry all at the same time! You talk so much, just like your mommy!!!! I am SO proud of you!!!!

  5. Hi Lily,

    It is so wonderful to see you talking. My niece Ana and you both speak the same language. She is 5 and a half months old and is "talking" too. I can't translate your language yet. I'll need to take classes. Thank you to your daddy for posting the video.

    Your Prayer Warrior Friend,

  6. Lily what a gabber you are and how CUTE it is! Makes me smile too. I was sooo happy to finally meet you at that cold loud restaurant before the 4th holiday. I did not like all the noise either!

    I am so happy to see how well you are doing, and congrats on rolling over! That is big news indeed!

    Look forward to seeing you again soon beautiful girl.. give your daddy a big hug from Chuck and me..

    Love you!

    The Kellers

  7. Look at you, Miss Lily, rolling over and talking up a storm...it's funny because this was only a tiny bit of video that I took but you were talking up a storm last week. You sure do have lots to say, ALREADY :) Gwyn and I have been having a blast with you these past couple of months. We really miss you this week and we anticipate that we'll experience similar feelings next week when we're at the beach. We look forward to seeing you at the end of July and can't wait to see what other tricks you've got up your sleeve.

    I've been having a good time at the reading camp this week and I'm actually teaching some kids that went to your mommy's school so that's pretty neat! They were really excited to meet you at the groundbreaking ceremony in May.

    Gwyn, Mike and I are sending lots of hugs and kisses your way!

    We love you tons...XOXOXOXO,
    Alison, Mike and Gwyn

  8. I love that you have the gift of gab! It reminds me of the long conversations your mommy and I used to have. Since we lived a few hours apart, we talked on the phone alot. She talked all about you!

    Your voice is so sweet and you are such a happy girl! That is so great that you are rolling. You will be keeping daddy on his toes before too long! It's been a couple months since I last saw you, but it looks like you just keep right on growing. You are doing great Lily and it looks like your daddy and your grandma's, grandpa's, aunts, uncles, and Aunt Alison are taking excellent care of you! Hopefully we will see you very soon. If you ever need a babysitter, please have daddy call me. I will have a few months off work here soon and I'd love love love to see you.

    Love you, Erin, Doug, and Nolan

  9. Lily,
    You certainly do have your Mommy's bright eyes and gift of gab!
    Thank your Daddy for sharing your milestones & accomplishments.
    Keep on Lovin'Large!