Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lily's First Blog

Lily Ann Carr was born in Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio at 2:59pm on January 11, 2009, weighed 2lbs 6ounces and measured 14 1/2 inches. She is absolutely beautiful. Lily was born a bit early at 29wks 2days gestation but has been doing great. She was originally intibated to help her breathe but after 2 short hours she was breathing room air on her own and has been on room air ever since. This is great for such a young girl.

Lily was moved to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit right after her birth and placed in her isolette(incubator). It is an amazing piece of machinery. Lily was connected to a number of sensors. Three sensors measure her heart rate, one measured her respiratory rate, another measures her blood oxygen level and the last sensor measured her temperature. Based on Lily's temp, the isolette will adjust its heat to achieve the ideal temperature for Lily. After two days, Lily was taken off of the temperature sensor and allowed to regulate her temp her self. Lily was taken off of the blood oxygen meter after only five days because she was doing so well.

Like most newborns, Lily lost a bit of weight at the beginning but began feeding at 29hours old. The doctors have slowly increased Lily's feeds and she is to the point where they no longer are supplementing her feeds with IV fluids.

The doctors have been very pleased with Lily's progress and she is now back to her birthweight. WooHoo! She was born a fighter -just like her mom- and all signs are looking positive.

Stay tuned for more!!


  1. I'm so glad that I'm able to watch this amazing little girl grow from the very first days of her life. Gwyn has no idea what an incredibly fabulous friend she already has. Though I'm sure she'll figure that out quickly :) Lily - thank you for coming into our lives and teaching us so many important lessons! We love you more than words can express.

  2. You are truly blessed! She is absolutely beautiful and we can not wait to meet her in person! We are so excited for you!

    Sandy, Clyde, Jessica and Austin

  3. Marty and Sean:

    We can't wait to meet Miss Lily! She is so amazing already! We are so thrilled that Marty will be leaving the hsopital soon! Talk to you soon.
    Love THe Stachlers

  4. It is a great joy to welcome the beautiful Lily to the family. It has been such a wonder and a blessing to watch her grow and make such great strides already. We look forward to the future as she continues to bloom. Lily, you are born to two beautiful parents, they loved you so even before you were born. Their strength and commitment to each other and you is a wonder to behold. It is with such pride and joy that I am able to call myself your Mimi.
    Love always,
    Mimi McHugh

  5. Marty, I am so happy to have a new girl cousin. yeah!!! I love her already. You are so strong Marty. Can I babysit? My family prayed for you every day. Love, Elizabeth

  6. congrats to both of you. She is so beautiful. It takes my breath away to see such a miracle. Can't wait to hold her. Love You, Juli

  7. Marty, congratulations from the Conway's. You both look great and we are so glad you both came through this very well. What a miracle. We love you. Mike, Ginger, Brittany and Aaron.

  8. How Adorable

    The ROWDIEST SENIOR! Class of 2027


    and she has more hair than half the family...

  9. ohhh I am so glad you got to go home!!! I have been following along via my mom, and I am glad to hear that everything has turned out so well. Hopefully the next few months will go by quick and you will all be home together. I have told lots of people your story, and they are all praying for you and your new family. =) Brittany

  10. Hi guys. We'll try this again. Fourth time's the charm. Lily, time to get moving so you can go home with mom and dad. I know they want to show you your new home and then you can officially meet Tucket as well. And, your aunt, Pitter, and Uncle John are anxious to hold you and give you some loving, as are many other people I'm sure. Maybe your parents will have to give out numbers. Just wanted to say, Lily, welcome to the family. You're a wonderful addition. Hope you are ready for all the love coming your way.

  11. Marty and Family... Congrats on the recent birth of your beautiful little girl!

  12. I have been following your story of faith and miracles. Every day I have prayed that Marty and the baby will be healthy. Look at you both. Now I am anxious to follow your miracle grow and develop and be spoiled!! Thinking of you all and your new family!!
    Karen Martin