Wednesday, January 21, 2009

10 Days Old!

Hi everyone! Today I am 10 days old and enjoy sucking on my pacifier and checking out the world!


  1. Marty & Sean: Congrats on your little angel - she is indeed beautiful! You can see into her soul from her 10 day old photo. I know she will have a great life with the two wonderful parents she was lucky enough to be born to. Marty - we are so proud of you for the way you handled this difficult journey - what an amazing reward. We can't wait to meet Lily and see her beautiful smile in person. All the best! Molly & Andy Mc-Worth

  2. Hi Lily! Your Uncle Grady and I enjoyed meeting you on Wednesday. You are perfectly adorable and peaceful in your state-of-the-art crib! You are one lucky little girl who has two amazing parents who will continue to surround you with love. Welcome to the world!