Saturday, January 17, 2009

First Family Photo

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  1. OK - we'll see if the third time works. I have so far entered two terrific comments and they went off into cyberspace - hopefully, this one won't join them. We - Uncle John and Pitter - are so pleased to welcome you to the family Lily. We felt really privileged to meet you to other day -what a beautiful little gift you are to your parents and to us. It was great to watch your daddy, under great pressure from some very critical viewers, change your diaper for just the second time. He did pretty well, then we got to see you in your first real clothes - a miniature hospital gown! Keep progressing, Lily, so you get to come home soon so we can hold you. Marty, get better soon so you can come home. And thank you, Marty and Sean, for such a blessing, a prescious addition to our family. Love t you all.