Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hey Everybody!!! Where has August gone?! I can't believe how fast the summer has gone by. Daddy better get me to that pool he's been telling me about before it gets too cold. I guess with all the other cool stuff we have been doing it is kinda hard to find the time to go swimming. I might be the busiest little 7 month old in the Tri-State. So....I have some pretty cool updates since the last we chatted.

I had my first real physical therapy session with Mary and I totally impressed her with all my skills. She was blown away at how attentive I was and how well I could pass objects from one hand to the other. Some things that I get to start working on are reaching for my toes. So Mimi went out and bought these things that tie to my feet and make noises. So when I move my feet I hear the noise and then try to grab the animals strapped to my footsies. It's a pretty cool exercise and is supposed to help me develop muscles used in crawling. Well, you can bet I will be working on that a LOT because there is soo much I want to scoot around and see. Getting carried everywhere kinda gets old after awhile. Daddy better watch out because I can now do pushups and not too long after that comes rocking on my hands and knees and then we're moving!!

Last weekend rocked my socks off. You would not believe the weather. It was like 75 degrees with no humidity. Do you know what that means? Daddy and I spent like the ENTIRE weekend outside. We had a picnic Friday night and watched planes come in and out of the local airport. That was really cool because there were planes of all different types. There were big ones with very powerful engines and then there were itty bitty ones that just had a tiny engine. I really liked watching them take off and can't wait to ride in a plane myself. Daddy says it won't be too long (next Spring) and he is gonna take me on a plane to see Mimi Cameron and the rest of the family in Arkansas. We haven't planned the trip yet but I can NOT wait to ride in a real plane. So exciting!!! Then on Sunday, we went to a party for one of my friends, Lydia. Part of her family is Korean and in that culture they celebrate a baby's 100th day. Well, they really know how to throw a party. I think Daddy ate at least 3 of everything and I got to hang out with all of Lydia's aunts. They are some pretty sweet ladies, I tell you what!! Then after the party we drove clear across town to Mimi's house for dinner. Yes, Daddy ate again!! I think he might have a hollow leg or something where he stores all this food. And what amazes me the most, he doesn't spit up or birp or anything after he's done. Well....sometimes he lets out a little burp but nobody has to pat his back, it just comes natural I guess. Lucky guy. Anyway, back to Mimi's. So, while we were there I was looking at the pictures on the fridge and Daddy showed me one of my cousin, Haley, who lives in Florida. It turns out that we share something in common. You see, Haley's Daddy is in Heaven too and most probably having a great time with Mommy looking down on all of us. My Daddy was telling me that Haley's Daddy was a great man and that Haley is a spittin' image of him. Daddy said something about the apple not falling far from the tree but I have no idea what he was talking about. I think he meant that the all the things that made Meff (Haley's daddy) great got passed down to her just like many of the things that made my Mommy great got passed down to me. Anyway, Haley, if you are reading this, I can not wait to meet you the next time we take family vacation to Florida. I think we are gonna be good buddies. Keep on rockin'!

So, you know how I was eating that rice cereal stuff that really had no taste. Well, I graduated from that and am now on to Oatmeal. I LOVE oatmeal!! As you will see in the video below, I just can't get enough of the stuff. Just a little warning, Tucker goes crazy there at the end and scares the bejeezus out of me. Somebody knocked on the front door to drop off dinner for Daddy and Tuck went into protection mode. I don't think we have to worry about any unwelcomed guests coming around. When Daddy feeds me he sits me in this awesome chair called a "Bumbo". The thing rocks hardcore! Its molded just perfect for my little rumpus (butt) and has a tray that goes with it. I sit in it just like a big girl and get to look around. It too is supposed to help me develop special muscles.

Last but not least, this weekend is gonna be cuurrrraaazzzyy! We are having a picnic on Sunday for close friends who have been helping me and Daddy out. Some of my and Mommy's nurses are coming. All my babysitters are coming. Some of Mommy's coworkers I hope. And then the family. It's gonna be a rock solid good time. So, if you are coming, can't wait to see you. I am gonna go get some sleep and rest up

Love you tons!!!!



  1. Silly Lily, you're not supposed to talk with food in your mouth! But when it's so good, you just can't help yourself, can you? Glad to see you gobbling it up!

  2. Hi Baby Lily!

    So glad to hear that you are doing so well! I am so sorry that our family cannot make it to your picnic this weekend, but we promise to make a special trip to see you very soon! I am going to be a big brother sometime in the next couple days, so the doctor won't let my mommy travel to Cincinnati. I am very upset that I won't get to meet you, but my mom promises that it will be very soon. We pray for you, your mommy and daddy every night, and my mom shows me your picture all the time. I like to look through my mom and dad's wedding album and I always point to your mommy. My mom says she is a very special angel.

    Looking forward to meeting you very soon Lily!

    Love, Nolan S.

  3. Yummy Lily! Glad you've moved up a step to the good stuff!
    Love you baby, and see you Sunday!

    Aunt Cyndi